Generation-X And Others Returning For ResurrXion Event


Generation XA tweet was sent out from Marvel Entertainment today, the official Marvel Twitter account, announcing a new series spinning out of ResurrXion, a large X-Men focused event hitting the pages of Marvel Comics in the first quarter of 2017.

Currently in the throes of Death of X, the X-Men have been hit hard with events and tragedies and deaths that have culled their ranks to just a few mutants left on earth.

Wolverine is Dead. Professor X is Dead. Cyclops is Dead.  The Terrigen Mists have killed countless mutants across the globe.

IVX – or Inhumans vs. X-Men – will pit the Inhumans and teh X-Men against each other in a battle that will determine things for many months and years to come thereafter.

It is from the ashes of these events and out of the aftermath of Inhumans vs. X-Men and Death of X that RessurXion will arise as another major mini series event. It is important to note that the Inhumans will also be included in the RessurXion event, as indicated by this image:


So who else will be included in this new event?  Aside from the main event series, there will be a host of solo books and tie-ins focusing on specific characters or groups that have passed on or who have changed dramatically since their inception.  The photos of cover art that have been revealed thus far have been consistent, showing a shatter piece of glass with various iterations of characters or team members in each of the many shards.

Weapon X will have a character focused book as will one of the first X-Men, Jean Grey as will Bobby Drake, otherwise known as Iceman.  On the Jean Grey art, you can see Jean through the years, through the phoenix and through her many costume changes.  On the Weapon X image you can see many of the characters who have been associated with the Weapon X program over the years such as Sabretooth, Logan and X-23. You can also see in Cable’s image the time-travelling Summers through the years.

Jean Grey
Jean Grey

weaponx iceman









The latest image, seen at the beginning of this article, also tells us that the iconic 1990s group Generation X will have their own title as well. The group first appeared in 1994 in the pages of Uncanny X-Men # 318 – which was part of an event called “The Phalanx Convenant” and were created by Scott Lobdell and Chris Bachalo.  The team members include Chamber, Jubilee, Husk, M, Penance.  Banshee and Emma Frost have also been noted as members of the team or its later iterations.  Volume One ran through 75 issues, ending in June of 2001.  The original teams was the new farm team for the X-Men, akin to the New Mutants and the X-Force teams of yore.

Creative teams and additional specifics have not yet been announced.


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