Return of Nexus – Interview With Mike Baron!

Dark Horse Presents #12 features a new Aliens story and the return of Nexus

The return to print of Nexus is one of the highlight stories of Dark Horse Presents #12, and we got a rundown from writer Mike Baron himself!  Anthologies like this are some of the easiest comics to recommend; for fans of the titles it’s an easy sell, and newcomers get to enjoy a wide variety of offerings through the publisher.  What comic book fan doesn’t want a sensibly priced avenue through which to be introduced to a plethora of new entertainment, especially when said book clocks in at eighty ad-free, full-color pages!  A new Aliens story, nicely timed for Prometheus I assume, is also featured in this issue, as well as a hilarious set of Sabertooth Vampire strips.  There’s a lot to feast on here, but Nexus is the big story today, so let’s see what writer Mike Baron has to say!


The story of Nexus continues thanks in part to Mike Baron in Dark Horse Presents


Scorpio Moon: The return of Nexus is one of the highlights of our coverage of Dark Horse Presents #12. In fact to quote a famous movie my editor told me it was “kind of a big deal,” can you give me some insight into why he might’ve said that?


Mike Baron:  Maybe he’s glad, maybe he’s sad.  Maybe he’s a little mad!  Steve and I are gratified that anyone would anticipate our return to comics.  It’s certainly a big deal to us.  As you know, our recent run on Rude Dude was less than spectacular for logistical reasons.  We are in much better shape with Dark Horse Presents because it frees Steve from publishing duties, and our more modest output does not threaten deadlines.


SM:  I know Nexus has a lot of history that would be hard to sum up quickly, but how would you describe it or what would you say to someone who would be reading it for the first time in this issue?


MB:  Nexus is an executioner of mass murderers.  People call him a cosmic avenger.  He dreams of mass murder and when he wakes, must seek out the perps and kill them lest the dreams return.  These dreams are so intense they can kill him.  Nexus is also a space opera with a vast array of entertaining supporting characters both human and alien.  It has drama, comedy, horror, heartbreak and just a lot of interesting stuff.  It’s about life, the future, philosophy and fun.


SM:  Fans of the character and the series have got to be excited, but just in case they didn’t rush out immediately to pick up this issue, would you be willing to give us at least one little spoiler about your story, or if not something specific could you whet our appetites and give us an idea of what to expect?


MB:  The first story is both a thriller and a philosophical meditation on the nature of evil.  A perfectly smooth black moon appears over Ylum one day with devastating consequences for the inhabitants.


SM:  Exactly how “back” is Nexus?  Is there more planned after Dark Horse Presents #12 or should fans be savoring it and turning the pages very slowly?  If there is more on the way, we would definitely love to know how much and how soon!


MB:  Yes — we’re going to continue until they cart us off to the detention camps!  After the two introductory stories we launch into a long adventure that will eventually be collected as TPB.  This is an epic story which we’ve been discussing for years.


SM:  With Nexus returning to the spotlight, what are the chances that we’ll see more of The Badger?


MB:  Well the two are unrelated, but the chances are extremely good.  Whoops!  That reminds me to throw a little Badger into the Nexus mix.


Dark Horse Presents #12 is available now, but if you still want a little more convincing here’s a free preview!

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