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Review: Alex+Ada #2


Alex+Ada issue #2 takes us through Alex’s first day with his surprise gift of an android, a Tanaka X5.  I know I said in the first review that the artwork was simple but I’m not sure that’s an accurate way to describe it. It isn’t overly cartoony or trying to make a Alex+Adastatement. It’s clean and fresh and able to carry the storyline nicely without a lot of extra words to explain what you’re seeing on each page. Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn do a great job of keeping it easy-going and using the art and dialogue together to tell the story.

The issue opens with a paranoid Alex peeping out through his blinds. The android asks him to confirm his identity and then runs through some standard regulations such as not harming anyone or anything, not putting herself in danger, and not handling money or operating a vehicle. Alex leaves the room to call his grandmother and lets her know that the android needs to go back, that he doesn’t want it. His grandmother insists the Tanaka X5s have a lot of love to give and Alex informs her he prefers love “the old-fashioned way”.

Returning to the robot he tells her he needs to go to bed. She offers to snuggle with him, which heAlex+Ada responds to by putting her on the couch, going to his bedroom, and locking the door behind him.

The next morning Alex leaves for work, telling the android “don’t go anywhere” as he walks out the door. At work we see him looking at a holo-webpage for the robot. After lunch with his friend and co-worker, Jacob, Alex receives a message that a friend will be dropping something by his house that night. After a contemplative look Alex calls Tanaka customer service and schedules a return.

Alex+AdaArriving home from work Alex is startled by the Tanaka standing just inside the front door; where he left her. As he closes the front door she collapses from hunger and he takes her to the kitchen where he gives her a bowl of strawberries to boost her energy levels. As he decides on supper, two visitors arrive at the front door. It’s Tanaka delivery coming to take the robot back. After confirming that she is android X5-0034-56-ADA-726 and a series of questions regarding her care Alex is asked to sign a form. We see him reach up to her ear to shut her off and at the bottom of the page we see the delivery man hauling the crate back to his van.

Turning the page we see Alex asking himself “what am I doing?” and someone off-page replies, “You’re leaning against the door.” Hello, robot. He has decided to keep her. Alex tells her he has thought of a name for her. With her looking quite pleased he asks, “How do you like Ada?” She replies with, “How do you like it?” He tells her it suites her and then there is a “ping” at the door. It is his friend Emily and her little dog, too. Alex steps outside the door to talk to her in order to hide Ada. As Alex and Emily are talking the little dog sneaks into the house, exposing Ada. Em says “hi” and the robot replies with a raised hand, showing the Tanaka symbol on her wrist. A surprised and perplexed Em turns to Alex questioningly.

While it may seem there isn’t much to this story so far, there are small tidbits throughout as you read that hint at more. If your one who prefers action to words, stick around. I promise Luna and Vaughn have surprises in store that will pique your interest and have you waiting for that next issue. Catch my reviews of each one here on Comic Booked!

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