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Review: Alex+Ada #6


Issue six of Alex+Ada has our couple back at Alex’s house. It could be a hum-drum issue of just Ada experiencing new things for the first time, however Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn have a way of adding little things in dialogue, art, and cover that make us think and wonder about the action that’s sure to come.

Alex+AdaWhile serving Ada a vast array of breakfast foods, Alex receives a call from his friend Isabel, which he ignores. After breakfast, all of which Ada likes except for oranges (she spits it out), they discuss what to do next. Ada wants to go for a walk but Alex poo-poos that idea. He reminds her of Franklin’s warning at the hotel; they need to keep a low profile. Alex tells Ada that, with her being sentient now, they need to be careful no one finds out. It would be bad for them both. Alex would be in serious trouble and Ada could be taken to be analyzed or worse, torn apart by freaked out humans.

Ada is disappointed but understands that they need to stay safe. So they spend the day with Ada discovering every texture and smell she can in the house – including a dirty sock and watching water boil. Alex ignores a few incoming calls, but when he receivesAlex+Ada a call from his grandmother while playing video games, Ada insists he take it. It’s an odd conversation, as most are with his grandmother. Grandmother insists on meeting Ada and wants her to join the call. Alex hedges around this, saying she is busy in the garden. Grandmother is still insistent and Alex is just as insistent that she cannot. In the end, after rejecting all her requests to see Ada, it is decided that he should bring her over for dinner sometime.

Getting back to Ada, Alex says he must get to bed as he has to work in the morning. Ada is Alex+Adasad to see their day end but since she needs no sleep she spends the night on the couch peeking out through the blinds. As Alex lies in bed he checks his messages. He has missed six calls and has eleven messages. His friends may be wondering what’s become of him.

In the morning Alex leaves for work, leaving Ada to her own devices for the day. Wanting moAlex+Adare than anything to go outside she chooses the next best thing; she goes into the back yard to work in the garden. She takes some tools, steps out the door and takes a deep breath of fresh air. As she is admiring a pink flower a voice says, “That’s a weed, you know”. Hello neighbor. Alex’s neighbor starts prattling on to Ada, being a new mom in need of conversation. She talks about her baby and his sleeping patterns and how she can’t wait to get back to work. She introduces herself as Jody and asks Ada her name. Ada stands awkward and silent.

Luna and Vaughn are pushing closer to the heart of the issue the farther they take us into the story. How will the neighbor react if she knows the truth about Ada? How long can Alex and Ada keep from going out in public? How will Alex’s relationship with Ada change now that she is so human-like? And of course there is the over-all issue of the humans versus android that beckons a confrontation that will affect their whole world.  There are so many turns this story can take. Stay with me here on Comic Booked as I continue to give you full reviews of each issue.

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