Review: Alex+Ada #7


I feel this is a pivotal issue for Alex+Ada. Jonathan Luna and Sarah Vaughn seem to be on the verge of taking us to the next level in this ongoing saga. Things are moving toward some meatier issues giving us a bit more to masticate on. I absolutely love the cover. As we see this story progress, some of it is told through the covers. Issue 7 shows us Ada holding a mask of her own face. The mask is a smiling face, but underneath she’s frowning. This could allude to a couple of ideas. One, that she was unable to show any emotion before her awakening and now she is able to, even if it is sadness. Second it could be that to the world she must still show that set Tanaka emotion and responses, but underneath she is now a feeling, thinking being. Also in this issue we begin to see a splash of color in the artwork and we get a better look at Alex’s grandmother. Also his neighbors, who are less than likeaAlex+Adable.

Issue #6 left the reader with Ada about to greet the neighbor, Jody. This issue, of course, starts off with that introduction. Ada raises her hand and introduces herself, but upon seeing the Tanaka symbol on Ada’s wrist, Jody runs in fear and begins stirring up trouble in the neighborhood. Meanwhile, Alex is at work getting a warning from his friend, Jacob. He is concerned that Alex’s latest drop from the grid may have something to do with him having a relationship with his robot that is more an escape from reality than it is a real relationship. Alex firmly assures Jacob it is not.

Alex returns home to a bitchy neighbor going on about androids attacking and how the neighborhood had a right to be “warned”. Inside the house Alex finds Ada hiding in the bathroom, feeling down in the dumps about her first outing and first encounter with a human other than Alex since becoming “aware”.

Alex+AdaAlex takes her cyber shopping to cheer her up and to get her something to wear other than her regulated Tanaka outfit. Ada couldn’t be happier and even finds a band that covers her Tanaka symbol. She then plants herself at the window waiting for her package to be delivered.

Alex+AdaFinally the evening has arrived for Alex to face the music. That is, he is taking Ada to meet his grandmother. Ada comes out of the bedroom looking stunning in a red dress and matching shoes. As they leave the house one of the other neighbors is out for a jog and stops to chat. But when his conversation turns lewd and he suggests taking Ada for a “test drive” Alex is all too happy to hurry off to Grandma’s house.

Grandma, or Katherine as most call her, is delighted to finally see Ada. And to have Ada meet Daniel, her X5. Daniel and Ada exchange hellos. After two frames of awkward silence KAlex+Adaatherine deems the meeting “anticlimactic” and they move on to dinner. During dinner, we see that Daniel eats with his eyes downcast, not looking at anything, not seeming to be listening to conversation. Ada however stares at Daniel, an action not unnoticed by Grandma. Katherine asks Ada to pass the salt. After a slight hesitation Ada gives the proper X5 response, “I’m sorry, Katherine, but I am allowed to take requests only from Alex”.

After diner Katherine tells Alex to help Daniel with the dishes while she “tinkles”. Left alone in the living room Ada wanders over to a wall of photos and finds one of a younger Alex. Katherine walks in and sees Ada engrossed in the picture. She tells Ada that in all her time with Daniel he never once looked at the pictures on the wall. Uh-oh. She then tells Ada there’s something different about her. Ada tries to maintain her X5 programed responses but Grandma sees right through them. Ada yells for Alex who comes running. He then gets chewed out for having hacked such an expensive electronic. Katherine says, “You could have killed her!”

As Grandma chides him she mentions that he must have made the decision before the crackdown announcement. Both Alex and Alex+AdaAda seem a bit confused at this and Katherine turns on the news. The Attorney General is talking about how robots have become an integral part of their lives and how the A.I. laws were put into place to protect the people.  He continues with how some people are showing a blatant disregard for the law by giving their technology intelligence. We are left with a stricken Alex and Ada as the man warns they will be found. Their illegal technology will be found and they will suffer the consequences.

I’m on the edge of my seat to see what issue #8 will bring. Stay with me here on Comic Booked for my continued reviews of this unique and intriguing story.

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