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Review: Amazing Spider-Man #645


The current Origin of Species story arc is starting to look like a light in the tunnel after what  the  One More day, Brand New Day, and One Moment in Time story arcs gave us. We all can only hope it’s the other end in sight and not another train wreck coming our way.

The current arc continues with two cops talking about the violently grumpy Spider-Man that has been beating up every criminal in his way lately. Our old friend Antoine AKA the Hypno-Hustler bursts through the door demanding protection form the web-slinger. Followed by a large ball of  webbing, Diablo, the Spot, and Overdrive all mixed together rolling through the door. The Goblin child of Norman Osborn(Green Goblin) and Lily Hollister(Menace) was kidnapped last issue. Doctor Octopus needs the child’s unique mix of Goblin blood as he believes it to be the key to cure for his failing body. The Chameleon has responded and  impersonated Harry Osborn. Thinking Harry had confirmed the baby’s death Spider-Man left while Chameleon absconded with the young Goblin.

Currently Lily Hollister and Mary Jane are hiding in a panic room where a concerned Carlie Cooper finds them, leading Tombstone right to the group. Only the forethought of Norman Osborn saves the two. Lily places a phone call that remotely guides the Menace glider in to the room crashing through the wall and into Tombstone. Afterward, the ladies express concern for Peter’s where abouts and his safety. Mary Jane assures them Spider-Man saw to it…

Peter is safely busy beating up criminals around New York in an attempt to get a lead on the where abouts of the missing Osborn baby. Hell’s Kitchen, Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn, Battery Park, and finally a building on the river where the Enforcers meet with the Sandman and the Shocker to discuss Spider-Man’s tear through the villains of the Big Apple. An earthquake is discovered to be Spider-Man below the building shoving the wooden supports out from under, sending all into the water.  Fancy Dan and company struggle in the current and a impatient Spider-Man seemingly breaks the Shockers arm to use his one of his vibro-shock units to shock the Sandman before he can attack.  Shocker gives up the Chameleon as having the baby at the Kravinoff mansion.

Two Spidey hands breaking through a wall and snatching the Chameleon convinces the Kravinoff to tell Spider-Man everything. After spoiling all the beans we find it is  the Lizard now has the Osborn child……

ASM #646 Varient

Good issue and I want to get my hopes up. A serious bone breaking Spidey makes for great action and all the old characters showing up for a beating is fun for longtime readers and fans, but after all that has happened I am still hesitant. I remember last time Spidey got serious and broke someones arm. That led right to One More Day and a deal with the devil. Still I very much enjoyed this issue especially the cover art. With all the action it’s hard not to like this issue. Couple that with the abundant  lack of good Spidey issues lately and it’s even harder not to like this issue. I remain apprehensive about the future, but this issue is a step in the right direction. Go out and get one for your very own and we will see where this goes.

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