Review: Avenging Spider-Man #1


I haven’t regularly read any Spider-Man titles for quite some time.  I really can’t recall why I stopped reading them in the first place.  I’ve always been a DC guy but I’ve always kept up with Spidey.  Next to Batman, Spider-Man was one of the first comic books I ever picked up as a kid.  When I heard that a new Spidey title was coming out I figured now was a good time to jump back on the train.

Spider-ManAfter taking down a giant robotic machine alongside his fellow Avengers, Spider-Man is at a loss of just how he’ll make it back to New York City.  The rest of his teammates quickly make up excuses, and his only ride home seems to be Red Hulk, who isn’t too thrilled with the prospect.

On the “flight” home, Spidey and Hulk share plenty of awkward silences and misunderstood quips.  But when they receive word from Iron Man that New York City is under attack, the two get down to business.  Upon arriving, they are confronted by a swarm of yellow mole-like creatures called Moloids.  After getting a good look at Hulk, they decide it best to call in the heavy reinforcements.

The street beneath Spidey and Hulk crumbles and collapses around them.  A creature large enough to swallow them both whole emerges and attacks.  The two heroes are quickly subdued by some kind of neuro-toxin the creature produces and the Moloids take Mayor J. Jonah Jameson captive and haul him fall beneath the city streets.

In the underground depths, the Moloids take Jameson to Mole Man.  Jameson demands to know what Mole Man wants with him.  He tells Jameson that his Moloids sought him out because he is the king of New York City and they need the help of his “army”.  Mole Man then explains that he is the ruler of the underground realm of Subterranea no longer.  He is being held in chains by a group of large, bullish brutes.

What do these mysterious beings want and why are they holding Mole Man hostage?  What can Jonah Jameson do to help the moloids?  Can Spider-Man and Hulk free themselves and stop this menace before it’s too late?

“How do I find time to be an Avenger and your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man?  How do I always make it back to New York City just in time to deal with my stuff?  Well the truth is…sometimes…I don’t.”

This was just a super fun book to read.  I forgot just how enjoyable Spider-Man is.  All his quirky humor, his less than comfortable interaction with Hulk along with some action sprinkled in made this book a pleasurable way back into Spider-Man comics.  Outstanding writing and artwork helped to carry this book into a standout status for this week.  I’d definitely recommend this as a must read this week and I predict this title has what it takes to be a flagship Spidey series.

Avenging Spider-Man was written by Zeb Wells and drawn by Joe Madureira and Ferran Daniel.

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I loved the art on this, but it felt very off-beat for what is going on in the current Spidey-verse.

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