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Review: Axe Cop

Axe Cop awesome

He’s strong. He’s powerful, and influential. He catches villains and threatens those who oppose him with his powerful weapon. He’s a cop, and he has an axe. That’s why he’s called… the Axe Cop.

Axe Cop differs from every other web comic out there in that it was created by a five-year-old, Malachai Nicolle (now a few years older), and illustrated by his adult brother, Ethan Nicolle (a professional comic artist) so that it has every appearance of any other webcomic. It’s filled with action, intrigue, drama, and dinosaurs—everything that you would expect to come from the head of a young child while beautifully told in this entertaining medium.

Axe CopAxe Cop’s life is filled with exciting adventures. His sidekick is another policeman we’re introduced to as Flute Cop, for the reason that he always plays a flute. But early on, Flute Cop gets turned into a dinosaur (Dinosaur Cop) and then into an avocado (Avocado Cop) in the same adventure. The saga is also filled with moon men, monsters, and scary dogs. There are also alternate sections such as Ask Axe Cop (that explains the logistics behind the Axe Cop universe), Axe Cop Presents (other stories done by Malachai and Ethan that don’t feature the Axe Cop), and even a printed special called Bad Guy Earth, a color series exclusively published by Dark Horse. There’s also a single-page special called “The Moon Warriors Go Camping,” in which the brothers switched places so that Ethan wrote it and Malachai illustrated.

In the adventures of Axe Cop, no one knows what next to expect. A typical storyline might go something like this, which is called “Evil, Evil, Evil Planet Tinko” (spread over several issues):

Axe Cop notices that his friend Uni-Man (a man with a unicorn’s horn) is sad, and asks why—and why he has a horn. Uni-Man tells the story of the horn, that he was from a planet called Smart Planet where everyone was smart. He spent his days doing smart things, and his brain grew so much that it erupted into a horn! Then it happened to his family, his livestock, everyone else on the planet, and lastly the planet itself. Uni-Man decided he didn’t want to live there any more, and decided to go to Earth because the people weren’t smart enough for horns. His family didn’t join him, but he took along their baby (Uni-Baby). Unfortunately, Uni-Baby was captured by aliens, and Uni-Man hasn’t gotten him back.

Of course, Uni-Man is smart enough to know what the aliens were going to do with his baby. They’d showed it to their king, King Evilfatsozon, who decided that they would throw the baby to earth. When the humans saw the baby, they would believe it to be an alien and kill it. Which is exactly what they did.

Axe Cop, hearing the story, said that he was present when the baby had landed on earth, and true enough people had been trying to kill it—but he had chopped off their heads with his axe before taking the baby to Snow Planet for safety. After searching through billions of children, they found the baby, and Avocado Cop (who had taken the horn) returned it on the condition that he be turned back into Dinosaur Cop. After defeating the aliens (who turned into little robots who tried to attack them) and making the planet explode, the Uni-Family lived happily ever after.

Axe Cop

Any story with such delightful uniqueness and colorful adventures deserves to be told, and with a writer-artist combination like this one, you can’t miss. A story this fresh and unique makes for a most delightful and entertaining read.


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