Review: Blaze Brothers #1

Blaze Brothers #1

Achieving the dream, that is exactly what The Blaze Brothers #1 is. Nearly 3 years ago we talked with the Blaze Brothers when they first announced they were going to put out a comic, and I’m glad to see this small press project continue. I am very proud to say that the day has finally come and you can now buy issue #1 of the Blaze Brothers. I have reviewed thousands of movies, TV shows, and comics, but these reviews are the reviews that really make this the best job out there. Granted I had seen a few early shots of things but for the most part this was a brand new comic to me, just like any other reader. But before I go into my review I just wanted to say congrats to The Blaze Brothers, who have finally made their dream a reality. Congrats to everyone who worked on the book. Okay, enough of the pleasantries, let’s do this.

Slightly spoilerish review of Blaze Brothers #1 –

First thing I want to talk about it the writing. Quentin Tarantino is one of my favorite writers in any medium. The guy just knows how to grab my attention. It isn’t through shock value, big words, or interesting dialect. It is through the dialog, the very normal person to person dialog. The dialog between the brothers is very natural, flows beautifully and brings a sense of brunt humor to our heroes. The writing is funny but not so funny it steals the scene or diminishes who these guys are. They aren’t comedians, they are highly trained mercenaries working for one of the most dangerous men out there – Mr. Yamagoto. It is unclear how much the writers put themselves into the main characters but the situational dialog definitely had me asking that exact question. Although the other characters weren’t exactly front and center we still have seven more issues to learn more about them. The opening scene is of the two of them in a church as it switches between each one talking to the priest, which I must say was an awesome intro. It completely gets you amped up and ready to go as the Blaze Brothers explain what is about to happen and why you should stay tuned.

The artwork isn’t anything you would expect out of two guys who put together a comic book for the first time. The artwork definitely stands front and center. Each scene, no matter how little was going on was very vivid, and displayed massive attention to detail. The artwork is done by Marat Mychaels and Dietrich Smith and it is bloody great! There is a scene where a sword cuts off somebody’s head and it has been one of the best splash pages I have ever seen. The pain and agony drawn into that scene is so transparent, yet lethal! Marat and Dietrich are far from amateurs (Image, DC, and Marvel) they bring a new style that captures the brutal story that is unfolding right before our very eyes.

Blaze brothers #1

There will be death no one doubts that, but the question is who will die first? This is the question at hand. We aren’t talking Shakespeare here but we are talking Blaze Brothers, two Brothers who are going to kill a lot people by the end of this thing. On the website they have a video montage of what you can expect from the series and it doesn’t disappoint (you can find that here). Overall the series has massive amounts of potential. Although we are only one issue deep, the next isn’t far behind as issue two hits soon and I will be sure to have a review up for that puppy as well.

I am so pleased to say this series is not only looking to be a big independent hit, but a smashing freshman success from The Blaze Brothers. Blaze Brothers takes all the things you love about guy movies and mashes it up into one big colossal story about honor, respect, family, and a hell of a lot of violence.


My rating: 4.5 out of 5

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