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Review: Blaze Brothers #2

Blaze Brothers #2
REVIEW FOR BLAZE BROTHERS #2 (spoilers ahead!  You have been warned!) Didn’t see our review for the first one? Check it out here!

Two brothers highly trained, falling off the path of righteousness.  In the second issue we are given a much deeper look into what brought The Blaze Brothers to working for dangerous men who can’t be trusted.  Where do they come from?  What did they do before they fell down the dark path?

Blaze Brothers #2 continues the story of two brothers on the path for revenge.  How did they get so jaded?  The same reason everyone else gets jaded, someone breaks them.  Perhaps “breaks them” isn’t exactly what I meant, perhaps “heart break” is a better word.  There is no stronger bond between coworkers like a soldier.  Your job is simply this, protect your family, and complete the mission.  When a black ops extraction job goes awry, there are twists and turns at every corner leading to the age old question: Who can you trust?  The world is a dangerous place, but when your fellow soldiers can’t be trusted, the world becomes more twisted and two-faced than anybody can bear. Is this the turning point?  Is this what brought these two men to the point of no return?

Blaze Brothers #2 PreviewThe start of the issue is fairly drawn out, but the second half is awesome.  The first half tells a portion of the family story, but we only get a few small pieces, those few pieces led to new questions.  The best way to get a reader hooked is make your characters intriguing.  The Blaze Brothers have done just that.  I want to know exactly where the characters diverge, I want to know why soldiers would betray other soldiers, but above all else, I want to know who was stupid enough to double cross these two.  Even though the first portion drags on, it doesn’t deplete the integrity of issue number two, something tells me it is a building stone for a future issue.  For some reason or another we needed to learn a large chunk of family drama before we got into the past betrayal.  Good story telling pays off, and trust me when I say this is good story telling.

The artwork continues to be nothing short of awesome, better than a lot of artwork you would see from Marvel to be completely honest.  The writing from issue one is far superior, but that is a nice change-up as usually the first issue struggles and issue number two has to find the right “tone”.  But issue two still found a way to set the tone, set-up a killer story, and gave us some great character depth.  And that is never a bad thing.

My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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