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Review: Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand

Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand #1 Cover

Galactus is hungry. A universal constant. But, is he hungry enough to eat the entire Ultimate Marvel Universe? We will soon find out as this week heralds in Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand #1 to a comic shop near you.

Cataclysm: The Ultimates' Last Stand page1I was a big fan of the Ultimate Universe back in the beginning, but I have just fallen out of love with it. The stories were kind of tired and not really solid re-imaginings of the regular universe with some cool twists. So, like often happens, I stopped reading them. Flash forward to the Age of Ultron crossover event. Lots of time traveling and redoing and undoing of events. Then there was the retrieval of the young X-Men to the present to convince Cyclops that he was not doing the right thing. I know, we all forgot why they really came back in the first place, although maybe just so we could have a Jean Grey again? Anyway, a lot of time travel and messing with stuff again. Not to mention that Hulk has been trying to fix the timestream by rampaging through it, like using a bazooka to perform open heart surgery.

Galactus Eats Earth in CataclysmAs Sir Isaac Newton proved in his Third Law, for every action there is an equal and Opposite reaction. In Marvel, messing up the timestream was the action and, it would seem, the undoing of the Ultimate Universe at the grumbly tummy of Galactus is the reaction. Riding fast on the tail of the Hunger miniseries, Galactus was pulled through a hole in time and space, absorbed the Ultimate Universe version of himself, the Gah Lak Tus Swarm, and then moved on to Ultimate Earth for the main course.

Cataclysm: The Ultimates’ Last Stand begins the story crossing all ultimate series, and has Galactus, the new and improved eater of worlds, stepping through a portal into New York City. Spider-Man is first on the scene, though he proves more ineffective than usual. S.H.I.E.L.D. is there, blasting Galactus in the face, to no avail.

Finally, the super group every one is waiting for arrives, The Ultimates, led by Captain America, with Thor, Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Spider-Girl. The Fantastic Four make an appearance and the beating commences, or so it seems. Lots of lightning and flame to the face later and Galactus is really just ticked off. He has already stomped through New Jersey, smashing the crap out of the entire state.

What does he want? More! When does he want it? NOW! Sorry, I couldn’t find a picture of Galactus with pom-poms.

I really liked this story, and not just because I feel that the Ultimate Universe has run its course. I love Galactus and seeing him smash, blast, and eat… too cool. Especially with Earth’s heroes scrambling to figure out what he is and where he is from.

While there are times when Brian Michael Bendis tends to not be spectacular, I feel like he and the team working on this story has a clear focus and really can just have fun with this book. A big plus is the great art of this book brought to us by Mark Bagley with inks by Andrew Hennessy and colors from Jason Keith. Will I read the rest of this series? Yes. Am I rooting for Galactus to finally get his all you can eat card punched on Earth? You betcha. Check this book out!

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