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Review: Comic Company – Interviews


Episode Five of Comic Company takes us behind closed doors to get a look at how a real comic book company conducts their job interviews!  Comic Company is a must watch web TV series for anyone seeking work in the comic book business.  Every week it offers valuable insights into the industry, and the episodes are highly entertaining as well.  With Hatter’s melodramatic iced tea soap operatics from last week behind us we get back into the swing of things with the longest episode of Comic Company yet!

By now all of the staff at Zenescope Entertainment have gotten pretty comfortable having the cameras on them, but I have to imagine it would be a bit unnerving for someone during their first interview with the company.  The first interviewee almost seemed like the kind of dynamic employee that Zenescope is looking for.  He showed a strong interest in comics during the interview, but he wasn’t quite on point enough.  If it had been me in the interview, I would have responded quickly with topical questions like “what kind of doughnuts are your favorite,” and “how do you take your coffee?”  I will admit that he handled the duality of questions combining your greatest strength and greatest weakness well, but in the end his phobia towards technology in the workplace seemed to override his logic and he became way too emotional.  That being said I have high hopes for his future, or at least I did until Hatter made his presence known again.  What are the chances that those two get along?  I swear that man seems to be de facto running the company sometimes, and if you don’t curry his favor quickly, or you lose it, well, then it’s all she freakin’ wrote.

Zenescope has a new web series about their comic book company, and if you act now you could win free comic books from them!Alice may be the early fan favorite, and everybody loves it whenever Lauren Francesca swings by the office, but for my money the show is the best when Ralph Tedesco has the most screen time.  He’s got a commanding swagger that paints him as a natural leader, but what I really love is his matter-of-fact way of speaking.  It can honestly be hard to tell when he’s serious and when he’s joking, which is great because it keeps the intrigue up in the show.  Also, lines like “what’s the most medium film you’ve seen” had me dying laughing.  It’s his way of talking that helps sell them, and I assume interview questions are prepared in advance so I’m using these scenes as evidence that Mr. Tedesco has great comedic timing.  Interviews was easily the best episode since the premiere, so I’m really glad that they chose this week for a longer episode.  I’m also really glad that it ended right when it did though.  Ralph’s interest in what he was looking at online seemed more than platonic, which might be why he told the last interviewee to close the door behind him!  If you’re a fan of the series or the company’s comics you should definitely stop by their Facebook page for info about an exciting contest with a chance to win free comic books!




Superman Returns.  If I had to pick my most medium movie ever it would be Superman Returns.



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