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Review: Comic Company – Short Cakes and High Stakes

Check out this new webseries about what it's like to work for a comic book company!

Comic Company is back with another entertaining and enlightening episode!  I hope you’re enjoying this look into Zenescope’s offices as much as I am!  Every week we get to see another aspect of what it’s like to work for a comic book publishing company, and at six episodes in I think it’s about time for a quick recap.  I should also note that Zenescope has started a contest on their Facebook page in which you can win free comics by answering questions about the series, so I’m going to recommend catching up now and checking the site often!

comic company
Check out this new webseries about what it’s like to work for a comic book company!

During the first episode, Pitch Meeting, they let us sit in on a company meeting.  I can’t believe it actually took Dave two weeks to come up with that ridiculous pitch, but between his ideas and everyone’s reactions I was laughing out loud.  Apparently you’re not supposed to actually give pitches in a pitch meeting anyway, and in episode two we find out the consequences.  Lauren Francesca made an appearance, and Alice quickly became a fan favorite.  There’s a very good reason for the episode being called Cleaning Up, but it’s not all business.  At the end we see how readily everyone drops what they’re doing for some competitive fun and games, and it really seems like Zenescope could be a nice place to work, despite the risks.  Episode three, Tests of Strength and Patience, featured some exciting intracompany arm wrestling matches!  We also found out how morbid Alice’s contributions to Zenescope can be, in a segment that was enjoyable in a disturbing performance art kind of way.  Episode four, Iced Tea Thief, was completely about the office fridge raider that had been stealing Hatter’s iced tea.  I feel for the guy, but it wasn’t even good tea like Wawa or Rosie’s, so he came off as being a bit melodramatic.  Episode five, Interviews, is the longest of the series and easily one of the best.  A few parts were obviously scripted, but I forgive them for that because the end product was superb.

The latest episode was called Short Cakes and High Stakes, and it was a shocker in a couple of ways.  First of all, I was really surprised by some of the people I saw in the office.  I thought for sure a few of them were goners, so seeing them show up almost took me aback but I was also relieved.  Secondly, I officially take back any negative thing I’ve ever said about Hatter.  In the past I’ve questioned how Ralph can put up with his antics, but after seeing him work I understand.  Hatter is a fast, hardworking, diligent employee, and the kind of guy you can tell is going to give you his best every day.  If you could clone him, your office would be more efficient than all of your competitors combined.  Despite her good intentions, Alice makes quite a bit of trouble in the second segment of this episode.  She’s actually not the only one to make a major mistake, and while it makes for some tense moments, it also puts the spotlight on Ralph and highlights his managerial style.  Six was another slightly longer episode, which did a perfect job of giving the fans what we want and leaving us hungry for more.  Check out the video embedded below, and if you enjoy it don’t forget to follow it back to “like” and subscribe!

[youtube id=”eW8TOU0n5nM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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