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Review: Deadpool #27

Deadpool is more than just a funny character who kills people. I would venture to say that Deadpool is one of the deepest characters in the modern comic book world. Sure there are a lot of jokes, many poking fun at the very industry he is a part of, but many of the truths exposed in the varying regular or mini-series are as true for real life as they are for comics. I wanted to put this idea out there first as I review the greatest #27 in the history of comic books, Deadpool #27.

This issue has been hyped as many things; the wedding issue, a Guinness World Record setting issue, a $10 must-have to rival any other #27 in comic history… but, without really reading the stories, you will never get a complete understanding of what makes this a truly amazing comic. Made up of 12 short stories capped on both ends by the actual wedding and the fallout of the reception, this issue also includes a wrap-around cover that includes 236 individual characters, of which the Guinness World Record committee counted 226 individual comic book characters, making this cover a world record holder. Pretty cool. Also, if you don’t know some of the characters, the last couple of pages include a full numbered guide.

Deadpool #27“But is there a story?” I know you are wondering that and the answer is, “Yes, and it is worth the read.” The main story is the wedding of Deadpool and Shiklah. Many of you will ask, “Who the heck is Shiklah?” And, if you are not reading the Marvel Infinite comic Deadpool: The Gauntlet, then you would not have any idea who she is. The problem with this is that all of the Marvel Infinity comics are digital only.

Bottomline is that Shiklah is the daughter of the ruling family of the monster underworld. Years ago, vampires wanted to destroy them and overthrow their empire and so a war started that has lasted for over a century. All of this happened before mankind appeared on the Earth. Finally, with their kingdom overthrown and they family in hiding, Shiklah’s father sealed her in a coffin until the war was over or she was to be married.

Deadpool was hired by Dracula to bring Shiklah to him so they could be married and thus Dracula would control all of the monsters. After Deadpool accidentally opened her coffin, they had various adventures with each saving the other’s life, until they finally gave into their feelings for each other, the monster princess and the unkillable mercenary. Overall a cool love story, and the wedding is something to see.

I’m not going to spoil this comic for you, but I will tell you that there is a lot of backstory in here that you may not know about Wade Wilson. Reading these stories gave me a deeper understanding of the pain and sacrifices that this character has suffered in his life. There are many stories in this issue about Deadpool’s past marriages, many to villains or heroes who are fairly well know. There are even some more obscure characters that are given some “screen time”. Check out some great frames from throughout this issue.

Deadpool #27 Deadpool #27 Deadpool #27 Deadpool #27

Many sad stories and many fun ones, but this is all designed to give a deeper understanding of Deadpool. He is a great character, a funny guy, a deadly assassin, and an unkillable killer with a non-mutant healing factor. Deadpool is also a very loving and romantic character, when the need arises. He is tolerant and tender, as is shown in a couple of the stories. He is discerning and deadly, but can also be merciful, as is shown in his Niagara Falls wedding adventure.

Some great writers and artists lent their talents to creating this book and I just wanted to list a few of them here. The writers include Gerry Duggan, Brian Posehn, Fabian Nicieza, Mark Waid, Joe Kelly, Christopher Priest, Jimmy Palmiotti, Frank Tierri, Gail Simone, and Daniel Way. The artist list is just as long including Scott Koblish, Scott Hepburn, Niko Henrichon, John Timms, Dexter Soy, Alvin Lee, and Carlo Barberi. Val Staples, Veronica Gandini, David Curiel, and Andrew Elder also added some awesome colors that really made this a diverse and fun read.

Finally, one of the funniest parts of this comic book was the introduction of the seventh and final Infinity Gem, the Continuity Gem. Check it out below.

Deadpool #27

I really enjoyed this comic. This was an important chapter in Deadpool’s life that should not be missed. Did you read it? If so, comment with your feelings about it and let’s get some discussion going.

My Rating: 5/5

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have also read it am on #28 I mean I just feel drawn towards it and I never want to stop reading it shows us deadpool is just more than a funny character and he’s capable of love mercy and also very smart as I observed. I really loved it

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