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Review: Dream Reavers Trade Paperback

Dream Reavers, Raphael Moran, Sophia Santos,Ape Entertainment, Aaron Pierce, Nyla Deardon, Marc Borstel

“On their 16th birthday, four teens from various parts of the world all fell into a strange and sudden coma at the exact same moment. One by one they break free from their prison of dreams, only to be caught in a war in a mysterious world called Astral. In the real world people thought they were freaks, but in a place like this, they can be gods. Ruthless creatures called Spooks have infected every crevice of this land and will soon seep their influence into our world unless our heroes can stop them. They will have to journey the harsh lands of Astral and battle an army of monsters in order to make it toward a giant spire of light that holds the answers to saving both worlds. From Ape Entertainment, Dream Reavers is written by Raphael Moran, with art by Marc Borstel and a ton of fantastic guest artists.”

There’s nothing more fun than reading a well-crafted story that’s carefully and powerfully told. Dream Reavers does that spectacularly. Also, Dream Reavers infuses much-needed creativity and diversity into the comics industry! If you love adventure, a smart story and great art, buy this trade paperback!

I love how unique the book’s characters are. Each person has a life of his or her own. They come from very different backgrounds and situations, and both shape their interests and agendas. They breathe and live just like “real” people in a very un-real (dreamlike) situation. Not only that, we can easily tell who is who and just what each of them is up to. That’s such a pleasure to a reader like me! Of course, given my background and life experiences, I relate to some more than others. But what I particularly like is that the other characters expand my understanding as I get to know them and learn from what they’ve gone through.

Dream Reavers, Ape Entertainment, Raphael Moran, Marc Borstel, Aaron PierceMy favorite of the team is Aaron Pierce. He seemed to be the most powerful person in the comic because he could manipulate the world of Astral with just a thought. After him came Sophia Santos, who has been worshiped by the people of her village and called a Saint. Once in the Astral “plane,” she turns into an angel of light. Then I liked Nyla Deardon, who is a mind manipulator. With a thought, she can make others do and say anything she wants. Her parents have been exploiting her powers for years to become millionaires.

I was also truly struck with the art, especially the coloring. It’s unlike anything else I’ve found in comics, with a really wide palate that would have been enjoyable to look at even if I weren’t sucked into the story. It fits the “dreamy” settings very well. Very cool!

Be sure to buy Dream Reavers by going to your local comics shop or by purchasing it on! It’s a top-flight comic that engages the reader on many different levels, complete with a fast-paced plot, interesting characters and spectacular art! It’ll take you where no comic reader has ever gone before!

To listen to my interviews with Raph (who, full disclosure, is also a writer here at during my Wayne’s Comics podcast, you can listen to the first one here and the second one at this location!

Dream Reavers, Ape Entertainment, Raphael Moran, Marc Borstel,

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