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EGOs #1 – Spoiler Review

EGOs #1

Spoilers for EGOs #1 (but there are still some surprises)

EGOs #1 is a comic book that walks a fine line between a superhero comic and science fiction comic. Many times you will find comics that easily fit in one or the other, but few end up being a good fit in both. Stuart Moore is establishing a world fueled by a deep undertone of science fiction ideas. The great thing is that introducing the superhero factor to this story only makes it better.

EGOs #1aThis story seems to jump around at first, talking about The Planetarian, a profiler who can look at a crime scene and tell things about the killer. The difference is that he can do this for an entire planet. Pretty interesting, except that he dies in the first couple of pages, at the hands of some pink floaty guy. It’s ok, though, because we are told “he was kind of a dick anyway.” A weird foreboding start, but still, pretty interesting.

I really love the art of Gus Storms. The detail and the colors work together to show both the futuristic feel of the worlds but also the decrepitness of some of the scenes. I think he does a good job of capturing the human face, as well. Expression is very clear and the later scenes show the changes in age with every little line. I like the simplicity of his work that still tells the story clearly and enjoyably.

The guts of this story are really about EGOs, Earth/Galactic Operatives, a super team made up of seven individuals, each with a different superpower. They were the best thing out there patrolling the galaxy and saving people from the bad guys. But, that was 27 years ago. Now, something big is coming. Something that everyone thought was gone. Masse!

Deuce, the leader of GEOs, is now trying to reassure the rest of the humanity that there is a new force for good in the galaxy and there is nothing to worry about. But is that true? Masse is coming and things are looking grim, but who do we turn to in this time of need with the GEOs long gone?

The missing piece of this story comes from an origin of sorts. The big battle between the EGOs and Repliqua, an evil villain bent on conquest through creating an army of clones to fight for her. The battle raged and the EGOs were almost defeated by the clones. It was only the intervention of Miri, a girl hiding in the lab who turned out to be the real daughter of Repliqua, that the EGOs were triumphant. Deuce and Miri were married and lived happily ever after… or so everyone things.

EGOS #1bIt turns out that Deuce’s power is the power of persuasion and his name us actually short for Seduce. So, are people’s actions around him every really their own? It definitely begs the question of whether Repliqua with her army of controlled clones was any different than Deuce possibly controlling the actions of everyone around him when he needs to. When does the mask of the hero come off to reveal the villain? This is a little beyond what is explored here in this first issue, but it is definitely a thought, or at least a splinter in the minds eye left from reading EGOs #1. This is a great book and one to keep an eye out for as this interesting new sci-fi/super hero comic book unfurls its tale.

My Rating: 4.5/5

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