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Review – Fly: The Fall #1

Fly The Fall number 1 sexy cover

Fly is back!  Fly takes place in a world where superpowers are an experimental designer drug, and in that world there are more victims than there are heroes.  The Fall is a follow-up series to the original, which was popular enough to earn its sequel before the five issue run was complete.  This new number one continues the story, but focuses on different aspects.  For this reason I think a reader new to the franchise can pick it right up.  There’s enough of an introduction to each thread, but there’s more to enjoy if you’re familiar with the story.  I’ll give you a quick rundown, so spoilers shall ensue, both for the first run and this issue!

Eddie Patron has a chance encounter with Francis, who pays him back for an act of kindness by sharing from his father’s secret stash of the book’s namesake, a drug called Fly.  Eddie turns his romantic interest Danielle on to the drug, and it becomes a craving that she can’t turn off.  Her resulting madness endangers everyone around her, and ultimately ends with her death.  As this all plays out, a mysterious figure that seems to have natural superhuman abilities kills Francis’s father, blaming him for the death of his daughter from the drug.  He plans to kill Francis as well but decides to punish him for the sins of his father by making him live with his grief.  Francis grows up determined to have revenge at any cost.

We enter Fly: The Fall #1 right where the last issue left off, with Danielle’s death.  We’re introduced to Eddie as equally self-destructive even without the fly.  We meet the alter ego of the violent superhuman vigilante, and his traumatized wife who can’t find the strength to go on.  This issue really is a whole new starting point, so while the flashbacks do continue some parts, it’s very much an establishing issue.  Therefore the pacing is a bit slow, but it also has a sort of otherworldly vibe.  We see Francis watching and influencing events from behind the scenes, setting him up as a power player in this universe now.  The visual art is consistent throughout the issue.  The effects are evocative of pastel watercolors, but with a fine mechanical separation.  This scheme contributes to the ethereal feel.

There are four covers.  The first is reminiscent of Adam and Eve, perhaps alluding to a loss of innocence.  The second is the most overtly sexualized, featuring fish net tops and a pert butt emerging from a short skirt.  The third is tragic.  Danielle is bloodied and dead, with torn clothes and lifeless skin.  The last is my favorite.  She’s relaxing in her bikini, on the wing of an airborne plane!  It’s the breezy kind of fun cover that really would make a perfect pin-up.  The sexuality continues inside the book, with a very fine shower scene and a surprise character showing up at the end rocking an excellent power skirt!  Will this character have enough panel time to make her stand out among the lovely ladies of Zenescope?  I don’t know, but Fly: The Fall #1 is a complete enough package to bring me back for issue two.  Speaking of which, we also have a sneak preview of the next issue!


cover preview of Fly the Fall number 2

 Pick up Fly: The Fall…Editor’s Choice award winner here at Comic Booked. Raven Gregory continues to deliver, and the art is gorgeous. ENJOY!



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