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Review: Green Arrow #27


Spoiler free review of Green Arrow #27

Comic book storytelling dictates that you should typically end single issues on a cliffhanger with a big bombshell reveal. Anything less would be insufficient. This is done to draw readers in to the next issue but it could also particularly alienate readers who aren’t going to like the changes to the status quo. I say, to hell with them. The big bombshell reveal is a particularly effective storytelling tool in grabbing readers (such as myself) and making us interested enough to go and grab the next issue.  The big reveal in Green Arrow #27 is perhaps one of the biggest bombshells dropped in the new DC universe so far.

I should have seen it coming. In fact, anybody with a grasp of storytelling techniques and literary tropes should have seen it coming because it was in fact completely obvious while also not being completely obvious. But there it was, being more surprising than it should have been. I’m not going to spoil the last page reveal for potential new readers but let’s just say this: everything you knew is a lie. The reveal was so subtly hinted at in the past two issues but I couldn’t see it clearly enough and I hit myself over the head for that.

The rest of the issue is a prime example of fine storytelling but gets compromised in the wake of the last page. There’s a sweet but all too short fight sequence between Oliver and Shado versus the Shield Clan that allows Andrea Sorrentino to showcase some of his dynamic art techniques (in conjunction with colorist Maiolo) whether it be a red-and-green multi-row arrow firing sequence with paneling reminiscent of David Aja’s work on Iron Fist or another two page spread where you follow the action like a manga in that you view it from right to left. The thing I love the most about the art is the aforementioned coloring, and the various shades of green being used here to create a jungle-like environment on an island.

Lemire also continues to develop the outsiders themselves with Kodiak, leader of the shield clan, being a seemingly fun addition to the team. Meanwhile, his Magus continues to be mysteriously creepy and Katana, in two pages, gets the best writing she’s had in the rebooted DC universe so far. Yet I can’t help but feel that Ollie’s character is somewhat vague and underdeveloped. You can see remnants of his classic characterization coming through but there are times where he feels like a generic action protagonist.

That being said, “The Outsiders War” continues to be amazing in Green Arrow #27. We’re only on part two of a six part storyline, and the tension and excitement keeps ratcheting up a notch. It’ll be interesting to see what Lemire does with old fan-favorite Onyx as the leader of the Fist Clan next issue.

My Score: 4.5/5

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