Review: Grimm Fairy Tales: Bad Girls #1

Bad Girls

Who isn’t in danger when three women who were born to be evil team up together to wreak havoc? That’s what happens in the latest Grimm Fairy Tales mini-series, Bad Girls. Baba Yaga, the Goblin Queen, and the Queen of Spades join forces to destroy worlds, and if possible, even universes. And with their power pitted together, they can almost do it. Almost. There is only one person who can stop them at this point, one woman who otherwise poses a threat to them all. And she’s already almost destroyed.

Bad Girls

The woman is Sela. She’s in prison, resigned to solitary confinement until further notice, given in to her own self pity. Her will is broken. Her entertainment consists of teasing the man who brings her tray after tray of disgusting prison food. She could break out, if she tried—but why bother? After spending all these years looking for her daughter, she has learned that nothing good comes of her attempts and has for all reason given up even trying. What’s the use of helping people if it only gets you in jail, anyway?

And then–bang–the monsters show up in front of her, and suddenly the game has changed. Sela now has to not only break out of prison, but save the world from something only she can prevent. This mini-series, written by Joey Esposito, will run for five issues, pitting good versus evil in classic Grimm style. While trying to save the world against three villainesses, Sela is forced to battle her own self pity about not being able to get her daughter back and to be strong for others, stepping in where she is most needed—a charmingly reluctant hero. And in the background are three villainous divas, each with a vividly beautiful personality, and each playing her own cards perfectly to get the power she wants.

Bad Girls

This series brings superhero-style fighting together with the biggest female villains ever to hit the universe of Grimm Fairy Tales. The excitement is constant, both heroes and villains showing their essence brilliantly. The cast shines well, especially Sela, and by the end it is clear that this will be one action-packed adventure you won’t want to miss.

Bad Girls is not completely independent of the broader series of Grimm Fairy Tales, though even someone who is new to the series can get a good feel for the suspense and excitement of everything going on. It focuses on an intriguing part of this fantasy world, the she-villains who are some of the most dangerous of all. The way the three collaborate in a high palace in Limbo only emphasizes each of their own talents and expertise in evil. And with the three of them pitted against the one Sela, the outcome will certainly not be lacking in the kind of exhilaration we all know and love, building from the growing cunning and nonstop action.

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