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Review: Lunita #1

Lunita #1 cover

Sometimes we, as comic book fans, get too consumed with our favorite publishers and tend not to try other companies. My goal over the coming months is to bring reviews of more books from more companies to you, our readers, and, in turn, build some strong relationships with smaller publishers to get more interest in these great books. To start this new trend off, I want to introduce Amigo Comics’ new book Lunita #1.

I started to read Lunita #1, written by Xavier Morell with art by Sergi San Julian, and sort of felt like I was missing something. I felt like I was starting a new story but that it was based on something else that had just ended. After taking a look at Amigo Comics’ website, I found my answer.

Lunita #1 panel 1Turns out that Lunita, the main character of the book, was a member of a team called GEI, Group of Enhanced Interventions, originally published by Recerca Editorial in Spain over 10 years ago. The book has art by Felix Ruiz (The New Mutants) and Victor Santos (The Mice Templar, Filthy Rich, Polar). The cool thing is that Amigo is going to be making this original series available for free. You can look for a news article here when this comic is available.

The nice thing about Lunita #1 is that I did not feel like I had to read the previous stories to understand what was going on in this book. This first issue, along with introducing Agent Summer Fillion, the DEA agent tracking a mysterious drug to Spain, also does a good job of exposition in explaining the roles and situations of the GEI team that Lunita was a part of in the past. Each member is “dealt with” by the people employed by Don Jose, the man who seems to be the villain in this story. It could be the fact that he has a mermaid that he tortures for her tears… and then uses those tears to create the drug Blue Tear.

Lunita #1 panel 2Lunita meets up with Agent Fillion and they talk about the case, then go for a stroll, and finally end up on top of each other in the bushes… yeah. Of course, part of that is because of the guy trying to shoot them. But, part of that is because Agent Summer Fillion has the hots for Lunita, our magical female heroine.

Overall, I liked the book. The artwork is cool, but sometimes cartoony, which does not detract from the story but makes for some interesting scenes and sometimes warps facial expressions. The writing is clear and smooth and I felt like the story had a definite direction. I am excited to see where this series goes.

I want to thank El Torres over at Amigo Comics for getting me early access to Lunita #1. You can head over to their website here and check out the other cool books they have currently and see some things lined up for the near future. And always come back here for more great reviews.


Lunita #1 panel 3

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