Review of Cover Run– The Great AH!


My review of Cover Run, the DC Art of Adam Hughes.

A couple weeks ago I had picked up a copy of DC’s collected publication of Adam Hughes’ career spanning cover work. I am pretty sure that any one who has been into comics even just for a little while is familiar with at least one or two pieces of Adam Hughes’ work. His art and imagery have become iconic in the world of ComicBook enthusiasts. Not only in printed material but as well as being adapted for the very popular selling line of, Women of the DCU busts.  To put it bluntly Adam’s work is known for portraying female characters in a sultry, curvaceous, and beautiful style. In other words down right SEXY!

Cover Run is 205 pages of hot sexy female characters from Power Girl, Cat Woman, Wonder Woman, and even Image’s Voodoo, being crafted as only Adam Hughes can craft. As soon as I picked up this book from my LCS, I came home pealed of the plastic as was instantly mesmerized by the subtle beauty and sexiness of Adam’s work. A definite wow factor here on every page. But that was my first male brain impression of the book. I read through it enjoyed the images and put it down for the day. Came back the next day and started to read through  the book for a second time.

And then it struck me, while yes all of Adam’s women are sexy as hell but if you stop, slow down and sort of ignore the curves, he has done a magnificent job of also portraying their strength. This is the Adam Hughes formula, while the images are blowing your mind away with curves and colors there is a primal inner womanly strength portrayed there. While this may come off as the I am woman hear me roar feminist mantra, it’s there in his work and connects with the reader on a certain level. It’s the mixture of beauty, sex, power, and strength that Adam Hughes portrays that elevates his work beyond mere pin-up gals. Beyond sex for the sake of sex. It makes these women noble, and iconic. It makes them Heroes.

Overall Cover Run is awesome. Adam Hughes seemed to have a hard time finding some one to do the introduction for the book, so he ended up doing it himself for his own book…. While this might seem a bit self-centered it is actually an amusing introduction that I enjoyed reading.  Again the book is 205 pages long all portraying AH’s cover works. From his early days on JLA (the G’nort one) to his most recent work on Cat Woman as well as a quick peek at the many products that have come out of DC based on his art. The book it self is rather large so you’ll have some heft to enjoy in your hands while you read, but will easily fit on the bookshelf. The paper is thick high quality gloss, and the printing is vibrant and vivid.

The writing in the book is of course the writings of AH! In small yet amazing paragraphs he describes his memories, thoughts, and ideas for each cover. What he dd and did not like about his concepts. What worked and what did not work for him. A true insight into his thought process and on his  style. Along with full vivid reprints of the final cover work you get to see some of the preliminary sketches that Adam had made during his creative process. Overall lot’s of fun and great to read!

This hard cover book with glossy dust jacket retails for $39.99. But if you are not only a lover of Comic Books, but of women, beauty, and art then this is a must have. I strongly recommend picking it up even with the hefty  price tag as you’ll enjoy it over and over again.  I give it 5 out of 5 capes. Don’t miss out.

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