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Review: Ripperman

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m not the religious sort. However, even I can’t deny the powerful stories the Bible contains; it is a treasure trove of symbolic moments that many are bound to catch should they be included in another work of fiction. Joe Martino’s Ripperman is a brilliantly weaved “good vs. evil,” “Heaven vs. Hell” story with his own twist. Meet Ripperman, a fallen angel, a creation of both God and Lucifer, a killer of killers born to avenge innocent mortal souls. Appropriately named Joseph by his pseudo-parent, Father Jacob, Ripperman is “born” a fully-grown man and wanders into a

church where Father Jacob resides. There, Joesph learns the ways of Christ and discovers a talent for carpentry. It’s not long before he realizes that Father Manning of his congregation is responsible for a string of children disappearances. Joseph’s instincts kick in and he brutally murders Father Manning. Thus begins Ripperman’s struggle with himself and his purpose in this planet caught in the crossroads of a battle between the divine God and the mighty Lucifer.

Ripperman is an excellent blend of Christian mythology and Biblical stories, with each character appropriately named and the artful depictions of angels and demons are both frightening and awe-inspiring, depending on which one you’re talking about. Full of blood, gore, and the horrific reality that is humanity, Ripperman is not for the faint of heart. Joseph himself is something of an anti-hero, a burly intimidating man who is neither angel nor demon and protects the innocents by sending the evildoers to hell. Despite his flaws and violent nature, you can’t help but cheer him on. You want him to kill the child molester and the wife beater. But when Joseph begins to question the morality of his actions, we are reminded that his irrevocably and unmistakably human.

I can’t delve too deep into this great comic without giving too much away but I really enjoyed Ripperman and I wouldn’t fault anyone who wants to pick this baby up.  You can order it online on Amazon or here at the JGM Comics e-store. Be sure to check out Joe Martino’s other great works like Shadowflame and his new in-the-making mini series, The Mighty Titan. And keep a sharp eye: the world may see more of Ripperman! 

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