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Review: Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 Cover A

If you love comic books then you must have heard of Rocketeer, which is a classic comic book that many fans have come to love. The Rocketeer has been around for quite some time. Dave Stevens created the Rocketeer back in 1982. He did a wonderful job on this series.  This was his baby and became a classic.  Well IDW is bringing the Rocketeer back to the comic book world, the newest title is Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror. This comic brings us back to what is great about comic books. Nice complete lines and wonderful bright colors in each panel.

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 is written by Roger Langridge and drawn by J. Bone. Along with these two guys on the Rocketeer is Walt Simonson on the covers for issue #1.  Both Roger and J. Bone are a good team to take on the Rocketeer.  To me the Rocketeer is a true classic comic book character, Roger Langridge and J. Bone brings this character to life how we know him.

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror is a 4 issue mini-series. Right off the bat we meet our famous character Cliff Secord or as some might call him the Rocketeer.  He is late for his date with his beautiful hour-glass actress girlfriend Betty.  Betty is getting all jazzed up for her man and their date night.  While she is doing this her roommate Dahlia is talking to her.  Dahlia is a reporter who is right on track for a big time story. I sense some sort of twist with Dahlia since back in the day there was some infamous murders called the Black Dahlia in Hollywood. We shall see if they use this real life story-line in the Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror. Cliff runs into a bit of trouble from some goons looking for him.  He narrowly escapes and makes it to his date, but he isn’t on time, he is late once again.  Betty isn’t to upset at first but after a quick exchange with Cliff she just storms off and he dropped the ball. The comic ends with Betty’s roommate who has gone missing and some men cooking up a plot against the world and Hollywood.

Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 interior page

The Rocketeer right away has some great pacing and 1930’s style vibe to it. Reading this issue made me feel like this was written back in the 30’s, which is a compliment to the style of the Rocketeer.  J. Bone’s artwork is along the lines of many classic comic book artists. It is very stylized and visual with a basic cartoon vibe to it. At first I wasn’t sure about this comic since I’m not a huge Rocketeer fan but after reading issue #1, I was quite surprised how much I enjoyed it. The style, the pulp and the colorful cartoon like panels made each scene flow. Sure the dialogue was hooky or cheesy but that is the dialogue and the style of words from back in the 1930’s. You can tell both these men want to live up the legend of Dave Stevens in this classic comic. The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror is a great tale for any pulp comic fan or Rocketeer fan. These guys really brought us a good first issue to get our feet wet with.

The Rocketeer: Hollywood Horror #1 comes out tomorrow February 27, 2013. Check out your local comic book shop for this and other great comic books.

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Looks fun.

I love this movie. So before its time. Comic sounds just as good

Yeah like I said, I'm not a huge fan of the Rocketeer but this book was quite good and holds up to the original source material.

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