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Review: Superior Spider-Man #24


This issue answers a question I’m sure some of us were afraid to ask: What If… The Superior Spider-Man Were Possessed By Venom!

By Dan Slott and Christos Gage
Art by Humberto Ramos
Cover price $3.99

It’s hard to imagine that it’s been a year, in our time, since Otto finally defeated the Amazing Spider-Man and placed his mind in the body of Peter Parker. For a full 12 months, encompassing 24 issues, Otto has been serving the greater good as the Superior Spider-Man and, despite the critics, he’s been doing a pretty good job of it. The series itself has been one of the best coming from the House of Ideas as well.

This issue could be seen as sort of a remake of the first issue. Otto assumes an all-new identity as the Venom symbiote merges with him to create Superior Venom!

The issue goes a little like this: Otto believes he can control Venom like no other could and decides to prove this to the world andSuperior Spider-Man #24 begins a tear through New York City, taking down any and all criminals regardless of their crimes. Otto’s aggression becomes more defined as things go on and come to a rather nasty head towards the issue’s end.
Meanwhile, the Goblin King is making his presence known as he begins to take down the work of Roderick Kingsley who has essentially become a franchise used by other villains wanting to make names for themselves. The King is also determined to get whatever Spider-Man information Carlie Cooper has out of her head. Even if it means making her a Goblin as well!

Otto’s anger, as I said, comes to a head when he confronts Aunt May about her perceived insult against hist girlfriend Anna Maria. He confronts her, loudly, as Mary Jane shows up. This specific situation quickly goes from bad to worse as Mary Jane comes face to face with one of her worst nightmares: Venom! As the Superior Venom takes his leave MJ makes a phone call that will either help the situation or make it a hundred times worse! And that’s help with a capital A!

And somewhere in the mix we learn the situation is very grave for Flash Thompson. His connection to the symbiote and the removal of it puts him in a life threatening situation. Poor guy.

I’ve loved this series since it started and, of course, I know it will eventually end and Peter will return but until then I’m one of the fans who enjoy each and every issue because, well, this series is loads of fun! It’s got an old school Marvel Comics feel to it and this issue is a better example than most. We have multiple story lines going all at once that seem to be on a collision course. Every issue escalates these situations and makes the coming collision seem all the more entertaining.
Slott is truly the master of this era of Spider-Man. Even when this time is over it will still be remembered and become one of the legendary eras in Spider-Man’s long history. The next issue promises to be one of the best of the series so far!

On the art side of things Ramos once again takes it all the way home! His look for Superior Venom is great and even though I dislike MJ I love the way Ramos draws her. I could begin to like her if he continues to draw her and Slott continues to write her. MJ aside, Ramos is one of the great choices of artists this series has and I couldn’t be happier for having him on this series!

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