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Review: Talon 10

Talon 10 Picture 1

Talon 10
James Tynion IV, Miguel Sepulveda

Spoiler alert! You have been warned!


Finally. As the title of this issue states, this comic is “All Sorts of Fun.” And it really is. The cover is amazing. The story is finally starting to make sense. And the art is, for the first time since this series began, consistent. I’m no longer just reading this series in hopes that it gets better. I’m actually enjoying it utterly and completely. And, I mean, come on… Just look at that cover! It’s awesome!

Things are escalating for Calvin and his friends (and enemies) as Bane and the Court are finally starting to make their collective moves. That’s right. They’re not just threatening, but actually acting. It may have taken ten issues, but we’re finally to the action. The fight between Calvin and Wolf-Spider is quick, brutal, and fun to watch, even if it does show our hero getting his butt kicked. Prisoners are escaping, people are getting themselves purposely arrested, and Talon seems to be okay with breaking his wrist in order to stop the bad guys. “That sucks,” is casually uttered as a response. So on top of all of the crazy shenanigans that we’ve come to expect from superhero comics, this one can add actually humorous dialogue to the list of improvements of writer James Tynion IV, who is finally seeming to come into his own as a solo writer. And the artwork of Miguel Sepulveda, as I said before, is finally crisp, clean, and clear. I actually knew who everyone was in this issue without having to second-guess or wait for them to announce the characters’ names.

Talon 10 Picture 2

This might seem like an average review to the casual reader, but it’s probably just because, even though not a whole lot happens in this issue, it’s finally one that makes me look forward to the next part. I’ve been saying for months that I had faith in Tynion as a solo writer, and that is why I liked this issue so much. Because, just like other “new faces” of the New 52, he’s finally proving me right. He does deserve his own book. He’s making Calvin his own character and he’s unapologetically owning each and every single scene with Bane. I just can’t wait for the final showdown. It’s going to be fantastic.


My Rating: 4/5

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