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Review: Tara Normal #1

Tara Normal Front Cover

The month of ghosts, ghouls and the paranormal is upon us.  Also coming up is the NYCC, were many freaks and ghouls will roam the halls of NYCC looking for some new comic books.  Well folks, you are just in luck.  I got to review one such comic book and it is right in time for Halloween.  That comic book is Tara NormalTara Normal was created by Howie Noel and first appeared as a web comic in April 2009.  You can see all these weekly web comics at   Howie describe this new comic book series a more dark and horrific take on the character.  Now that might just send shivers up your bones.  Tara Normal also currently appears in TAPS Paramagazine, the official magazine of the stars of Ghost Hunters.  This comic brings fun, excitement and some screams to each page.  Don’t be fooled by the ‘other’ imitation books and comics out there.  Tara Normal brings all this with each issue and each panel!

Tara Normal Front Cover

Here is a quick synopsis of Tara Normal:

Tara Normal is a beautiful female ghost hunter who was born with the ability to see and speak to ghosts. She’s also trained to fight them, if necessary. All of her skills and training will be tested when the stars of TV’s hot, new paranormal reality show, Ghost Soldiers, investigate the most haunted asylum in history, St. Catherine’s of Siena. The ghosts in this asylum aren’t looking to just scare Tara and the Ghost Soldiers, they’re looking to destroy them and steal their souls. She’ll prove the existence of spirits and change the world forever.


Issue #1 of Tara Normal presents a brand-new vision of ghosts, more horrifying than the cliched spirits in white bed sheets yelling boo. These specters are terrifying monsters with a plan to destroy the world. Tara’s strength, bravery and intelligence will amaze, while her mysterious backstory unravels throughout this story. This is the scariest, darkest and most visually stunning Tara Normal tale yet. Don’t miss out on this mystery.


Now on to the review (spoilers ahead):

Tara Normal

Tara Normal issue #1 kicks off with a bang.  One thing I’ll mention right off the bat is if Tara Normal was real I would ask her out for a drink. (But then again, aren’t all comic women pretty attractive?)  Okay, back to the comic.  We get to see her use her ability to take out ghosts and ghouls right away.  The whole comic book has some great tones and colors through-out the issue.   After our first glimpse of Tara Normal we meet the cast of Ghost Soldiers.  They are the reality TV crew that hunts ghosts and goblins for ratings.  Do they believe in actual ghost? Maybe or maybe not, but they are in for one surprise.  They have brought along Kara Normal who is nothing like Tara Normal.   Kara is just there for one reason, eye candy.  As with all TV shows they are just out for ratings.  Ratings don’t matter if you’re dead!  The comic shows off some deadly ghost out to capture the team of reality stars.  Howie’s characters seem funny and yet realistic.  He captures the essences of a “reality” show like Ghost Hunters and turns it on its ass!  Will Tara come along to save the day of these amateurs?  You can find out what happens next in issue #2.

Tara Normal

Howie delivers a fun ghost filled comic book.  If you are a fan of the paranormal and love Ghost Hunters I suggest you pick this up.  Tara Normal is debuting at NYCC.  It is available for pre-order on  So head out to NYCC next weekend and pick up Tara Normal #1 and tell Howie “Tony sent me here!”  I promise you won’t be disappointed!!!

Find Tara Normal at NYCC  booth #3342.

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