Review: The X-Files Season 10 #4

The X-Files Season 10.4

Warning: There are things in the article that could be construed as spoilers… or they could just be there to make you believe.

When that last episode of The X-Files aired in 2002, there were so many loose ends not tied that many fans were clawing and gnashing teeth at Chris Carter for not running another 20 seasons. In reality, the show had a good long run. I mean, 9 seasons and a movie? Every show should be so lucky. But, we know there was more story to tell.

In 2008, we got another full movie that explored many of the missing pieces of the show and first movie. I have always enjoyed anything X-Filey, does that make me an X-File-ophile?

A few months ago, IDW announced a new series based on The X-Files franchise… but not just an off shoot series, an actual continuation of the series as a Series 10 comic book. With Joe Harris and Chris Carter at the helm, it is many a fanboy’s dream. So far, this series has not disappointed.

x-files 10.4 bThe X-Files Season 10 #4 continues the 5-part opening to this new season of The X-Files. The story so far is that there are alien hybrids called Acolytes who are trying to find the child of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. They gave the child, William, up for adoption when he was born and have not had any contact with him since. Someone hacked into the FBI database and stole secret information regarding William. Also, in Wyoming, there is a pipeline that is carrying magnetite, an ore that is harmful to aliens. Oh, and the Lone Gunmen and Smoking Man are still alive.

Mind blown yet? All I can say is, everything you know is wrong. Issue #4 continues that tale at a breakneck pace. Mulder and Scully are hurtling toward each other, literally. Scully in an SUV with the sheriff who is really an alien and Mulder on a four-wheeler through the woods. Both of them hold key parts of the story, but only by working together can they figure things out. Overall, a good story and leading up to a scary moment at the end… I just can’t wait to see what happens next.

I usually try to stick to the story with my reviews, but in this case I wanted to mention the artwork in this book. I have noticed in several books that I have been reading that many of the artists seem to be getting almost lazy in the way they portray some of our favorite characters (like in the recent Arnim Zola universe Captain America storyline). In this series, so , far, there have been a few times when I would have liked just a little more detail in a frame. Not always, but sometimes, the art seems rushed and this does tend to detract from the story, a little.

I want to believe… that The X-Files series from IDW will continue to be a great series on par with the original TV and movie series. Check it out for yourself.

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Looks like I missed out on another one. I guess I'll have to try and play catch up before the first few issues are completely impossible to get. Great review!

Second printings just came out, so try to catch one of those.

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