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Twilight Lady

Meet Jen. Twenty years old, and a talented guitarist who does gigs in local bars and cafes when she’s not hanging out with friends and living an all-around fun life. Oh, and she’s also host to a mysterious, nameless, demonic figure who takes over her body whenever she’s asleep. And if that’s not creepy enough, the “Twilight Lady,” as she has come to be called, was actually the one who created Jen and is supposed to be in charge, forced as the secondary personality only because Jen is much stronger than she was supposed to be.

I’m talking about an urban fantasy webcomic called Twilight Lady, a series of inter-dimensional adventures leading to an ultimate battle between the two women—Jen and the one who created her. We all have that feeling at times that there could be more going on than meets the eye, and in this comic those suspicions come true in the most chilling sense.

Twilight Lady

Jen knows nothing of what’s going on, but the people around her could testify to her presence at many bizarre events involving the unknown, and other dimensions that host other forms of life—whether friendly or hostile is anyone’s guess. While Jen tries to work out all the strange things happening around her, the Twilight Lady tries to roam freely and transparently in the realm of the living.

The story is somewhat episodic in nature, allowing readers to jump in almost anywhere without having to start at the beginning to understand it all. The artwork also changes significantly throughout the series, ranging from almost photographic to pure cartoon. The thrill and mystery, however, remain unchanged, and the suspense has been building gradually ever since the saga began.

Twilight Lady is updated three times a week, on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursday. However, if you can’t stand waiting another few days to learn what will happen next, author Black J. K. Chen has made it possible to read ahead by purchasing the entire volume on a PDF for $0.99—not a bad deal, since it would also allow you to print it and read it offline. All the other volumes and stories are available as PDF’s for the same price or a dollar more, allowing readers to stock up on the full collection. Only the first volume is available for print, though, in the online store.

In the meantime, Twilight Lady is a great comic to check out if you want to read something that puts a spin on nature—an affirmation that your most unlikely suspicions just might be true.

Twilight Lady

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Twilight Lady rocks and this is a great review!

This series is awesome. wish it was more than four chapters

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