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Review: Twisted Tales

cover Twisted Tales

Greetings fellow comic book readers! Today we shall look at the new anthology series, Twisted Tales from Twisted Tree Comics. It’s written and created by Gordon Hurley, with artwork by Roeddy Rillf. The story plays out much like other anthology books, a central story that connects the other three. Lets take a look and see how it stacks up compared to the greats like Tales from the Crypt and Vault of Horror.

We start with the introduction to our main cast, Don, Dave, other guy, and the hot chicks. They are camping in the woods, and what looks like the opening to a knock off Friday the 13th story quickly shapes into our narrative. The friends sit around the camp fire, roasting a pig and talk about their big day tomorrow. Of course the guys are getting restless and want to take the women to their respective tents, but the women want to talk (typical) so they decide to tell some terrifying ghost stories!
Twisted Tales panel 1


Our first story is told by Todd and seems to be a play on The Devil and Daniel Webster, at least namDevil and Daniel - Twisted Talese wise, as we meet Daniel. He is a down on his luck guy who can’t catch a break or land a job. He finds himself at a nameless corporation and gets an interview with the big boss. His job is simple, go around the town and offer a special “Members Only Club” for people that will earn them deals and coupons, all they have to do is sign. His first few houses don’t go well and he even gets threatened…never a good sign. He finally makes it to a nice looking mansion, where he gets his first bite. He persuades the woman to join but her signature brings with it a dire consequence. Taken aback by this, Daniel immediately calls his employer who informs him that he has no choice but to continue getting him signatures or else it will be his soul!

Twisted Tales - Schoolyard BeastThe next story, what I like to call, “The Schoolyard Beast”,  is told by Keith and he claims it’s a true story (highly doubtful). The story follows a young boy named Nate while he goes through a typical day at school. He is busy reading away at his comic book when the resident bully, Gus, comes over and smacks it away. The two get into a fight and it is quickly broken up by an enthusiastic young teacher. They get after school detention and have to serve it under Ms. Pierson. As detention rolls along Nate asks, very politely, if he can go home at 4:45 PM. His mother is very strict and wants him home before it gets too late. Ms. Pierson isn’t that forgiving and sternly tells him it ends at 5:15 PM. He pleads his case again but the teacher says no. The time flies by and suddenly it’s 4:15 and Nate decides to leave because he doesn’t want to upset mother. Well Ms. Pierson will have none of that and tries to stop him. That’s when things

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