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Review: X-Files Season 10 #5

X-Files Season 10 #5 Cover

Welcome to the end of the first “episode” of the newest season of X-Files from IDW. X-Files Season 10 #5 caps off the first storyline and brings to an end Mulder and Scully’s first adventure together since their second movie back in 2008. I have really enjoyed the story so far, it was not throwing too much at us nor was it requiring new readers to have memorized all 9 seasons and 2 movies in order to get into the story. This is one of the things that IDW seems really great at; taking a TV or movie property and continuing it in comic form.

Soooo… definitely some SPOILERS this week, so if you haven’t read it and don’t want to know… sorry. The Acolytes, a group of weird alien cultists have been stalking Agent Scully and trying to determine the whereabouts of her son, who was given up for adoption at birth. Why do they want him? No clue… yet. This issue throws it all together, aliens, huge spaceships, the FBI, dying, healing, and Yellowstone National Park.

At the end of our last issue, Mulder was lying on the ground, bleeding for the wound where Scully had accidentally shot him. She is trying to revive him when the Acolytes arrive for round 2, or 3, i can’t remember. There is the whoosh whoosh of the Acolytes around the two, and poof, Mulder is healed. So, off they traipse chasing the Acolytes accross Yellowstone.

Mulder follows Scully, loses sight of her, then finds her again, only to top a hill, see Scully tied to a tree and also standing up ahead next to a geyser. Mulder pull out his icepick and tries to “pick” the wrong Scully. No luck sneaking up on a telepathic and telekinetic alien, go figure. The alien rants about his big plans about finding William and how something is coming, but that is cut short by the real Scully picking the Acolytes brain a little. And not in a good way.

X-Files Season 10 #5 Alt Cover

The wrap up is like this, since this is all Scully remembers: big alien ship, black helicopters, flashy lights… then it all goes white. Oh, and the Acolytes all burn up, which is kind of cool. But how to explain what happened?

Back at FBI headquarters, Scully does her best. I really enjoyed her speech, because it is most of the things that I would tell these folks after all the crap that this team has been through in their careers. The final lines of her speech are what all X-File fans have been waiting for, “We need to step up our game. And I only know one way for me to help do so.” Yay, Scully and Mulder are FBI agents again.

There is another weird closing scene with the Smoking Man talking to “someone” and then another person (Skinner?) asking him who he is taking to. The Smoking Man changes into some hunched over person with a funny voice and starts almost prophesying something… Makes you wonder. There are definitely more questions to be answered in the coming issues.

This was a great ending to the first story arc and really sets us up for more X-Files fun in the comings months. I will keep reading, because I want to believe.


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