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ReviewMa: Intro;Gate

Posted on Oct 29, 2012 by in The Page | 0 comments

     Hello to all people of mother earth! My name is Jaquan Brown, and I’m going to be your future poster boy for any and all things manga/anime! I’ve been into manga/anime for about 5 to 6 years now, and I currently don’t see any signs of stopping. I was first introduced to the “Otaku” world by my brother, who showed me the manga Et Cetera which was licensed by Tokyopop. Eventually, through various convention visits (Nekocon, Otakon, Anime Mid Atlantic) and streaming/reading non stop, Anime and Manga has become a cornerstone of my lifestyle. My favorite artist would have to be huke (link, he did the art for Steins;Gate and Black Rock Shooter. His art has a certain sense of depth to it that makes for a great realism even in an manga-ka’s standpoint. My favorite series hands down would have to be FLCL (manga and anime versions). While the series is very strange in nature, the final outcome of the left me with a VERY satisfying conclusion, and made me want more.
BUT enough about me and back to the task at hand. I primarily focus on any genres including comedy, slice of life, action, romance, or any of the like. What brings me into a good series is a great story, as well as an awesome art style. Along with my reviews, feel free to send some comments, questions, and recommendations for any Manga (or Anime) you’d like to see me review in the future! Also I am a seasonal simulcaster, so feel free to also recommend any anime series’ that release within the season. I’ll also be leaving each review with any semi-related questions to the series or just any questions anime-related in general.
Okay! I think that should be fair enough! Feel free to fire away at some questions in the comments. And I hope to connect with you in the future!

First Question! Are any of you going to be coming to Nekocon 14 this weekend?

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