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Right On Time Review

Right on time

Written and Created by Landon Faulkner
Art and Letters by Paul Spencer
For Headshrinkers Press

When I first started to think about writing comics there were a few things that continued to come up and one shots with little or no dialog was one of them. Most people don’t understand the fact that comic writers write more than just the dialog, they write and describe each panel so the artist knows exactly what to draw. It might sound easy but a lot of times the collaboration process allows for a lot of creative room for artists and they have room to work within the world they’re creating but with no dialog it’s super important that the creative team understand what their doing and stay on the same page. It’s hard to explain the premise without spoiling a lot but it’s a western that is virtually all visually driven.

The art of Right On Time looks like it was done in colored pencil and Spencer leaves out no detail in the portrayal of all the characters. The visual story is broken down between three incidences that build to the big reveal at the end and there’s no way to really understand what it all means until they reveal it. This team understands what it means to collaborate because the flow of the book is pretty much perfect.

Right On Time is a Headshrinkers Press book, give their website a look and maybe you will find more than just Right On Time!

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