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Wonder Woman Screenplay Writer Tapped to Write Robotech for Sony


Wonder Woman Screenplay Writer Tapped to Write Robotech for SonyRobotech has popped up in the news quite a bit of late. To recap, In July of this year we told you about the Robotech 4-pack available for Local Comic Shop Day 2017. You can read that here at this link.  Then, of course, came the Titan Comics relaunch of the Robotech comic book, complete with a Stanley “Artgerm” Lau cover and a plethora of variants and store exclusives.

On the cinematic side of the Robotech world, we learned in July that Andy Muschietti was tapped to direct a Robotech movie for Sony. At the time, we did not learn how his latest creation would fare at the box office but we now know it is both a critical and financial success for both Muschietti and Sony Studios. With its’ $125 million dollar opening, the It movie broke records in the R-rated horror film category. But that’s not why we are here.

ComicBooked has learned that Jason Fuchs will be writing the screenplay for the Robotech movie. Fuchs wrote the 2015 Peter Pan adaptation ‘Pan’ as well as 2012’s ‘Ice Age Continental Drift’ but he is perhaps best known as co-writer of the 2017 record-breaking Warner Brothers film ‘Wonder Woman’ starring Gal Gadot. Fuch co-wrote with both Allan Heinsberg and Zach Snyder.

Wonder Woman Screenplay Writer Tapped to Write Robotech for SonyLong in development, the film is based on the 1985 anime series from Harmony Gold. In the story, robo-technology is back-engineered from a crashed alien spaceship and from that the humans develop their own Mecha technology. With their own mecha, the humans are able to fend off hordes of invading aliens.

The first, and the best, is the Macross Saga which will hopefully be what this live-action adaptation is based upon. However, a representative from Harmony Gold – who is working closely with Sony on the project – commented;

“It’s a page one rewrite. It’s a clean slate. It may share commonality in that it is based on the original series however the writers are taking a different approach to it.”

Now we know Fuchs will be writing this new script from the beginning. Fresh.

Robotech began it’s life as as two different properties. The company Revell was making Mecha model kits that were intended to be tie-ins to a D.C. Comics comic book series. Harmony Gold was also working on Macross TV.  Harmony’s intended merchandising on the TV show was ground to a halt by Revell who had already put out a Robotech kit with the name “Macross” in it. in the end, both Revell and Harmony came together and thus Robotech: The Macross Saga was born.

It does seem like the time is right for a potential franchise like Robotech to become successful. With giant monsters and mecha invading the silver screen at an increased rate with movies like Transformers, Godzilla, King Kong, Pacific Rim as well as the increased emergence of anime adaptations likes Ghost in the Shell, Death Note, etc., the time is right for a well-done Robotech movie.

The last time I wrote about Robotech I pleaded with Hollywood to “please, make it good”. Well, it’s shaping up to be just that.

Wonder Woman Screenplay Writer Tapped to Write Robotech for Sony

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