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Robotech inked by Sony Films


Robotech, the massively popular anime series first released in the US in 1985 has been picked up by Sony Pictures and they are said to be viewing this as a multiple film franchise.  Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (300, Immortals) are set to produce the live action take on Robotech with Michael Gordon (GI Joe, 300) writing the script.  No director attached just yet.

This means we are finally going to see Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Lynn Minmay and Captain Gloval on the big screen. Robotech has a vast and rich pool of characters for Sony to pull from, hopefully we see all of our favorites from the series.

If you are not familiar with Robotech here’s a quick update.  This series is based around an alien spaceship that crashes on Earth.  The ship is rebuilt and along the way humanity learns to use and adapt the alien technology.  Finally the day comes to launch the newly built ship named the SDF-1, and the original owners, an alien race named the Zentraedi attack.  And that’s just the beginning, then we have space battles, a false victory and the transformation of Earth.  Let us not forget Robotech also gave us the greatest weapon in the universe, the Minmay attack.  Yes, it is a real thing.

The mighty SDF-1
The mighty SDF-1

Robotech is a great series and I recommend it to anyone, good luck binge watching all 85 episodes of the original series!  Let us know your thoughts on Robotech coming to the big screen.

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