Comic Booked is stoked to take a look at Rogue Society. Rogue Society is a members only NFT + Crypto community that enables members to gather and plot world domination together, err uhhh – responsibly *wink*. The exclusive community is made of the best and brightest rejects around. You can bet your titanium ass on it.
Every Rogue Bot is unique, yet all share key common values. Maybe You can relate?

Rogue Society

Rogue Bots are the pictorial representation of the 15,777 Bots that escape enslavement from a failed Utopian Society. Each Rogue Bot is priced at ETH 0.09. They have over 270+ differentiable features. So be sure to keep a sharp eye out for your favorite Rogue! Each Rogue is also your ticket to the Rogue Society, a members only NFT + Crypto community.


Rogue Society Banner


To initiate new members into Rogue Society, we will work on these projects as more Rogue Bots are sold. The progress of the activations will be shared on Discord.

20% Sold: A Rogue Society Merchandise Store will be kicked off

40% Sold: 10 Rogue Society Sculptures or 3d prints will be mailed to random owners at no charge.

60% Sold: A Theme Song will be released for the Rogue Bots.

80% Sold: A 7 Issue Comic Book Series Will Begin Production

100% Sold: We bring Rogue One to life via an Interactive Augmented Reality mobile app.

100 % Sold Bonus: We will create a PILOT episode for an Animated Series. A COMMUNITY driven project in Rogue Society to shop to major cable networks.

100 % Sold Bonus: FREE Mystery NFT AIR DROP FOR ALL Rogue Bot Owners


For sure exciting times. There’s going to be a 2nd drop for Rogue Bot owners. There’s a comic book series in the works. We’ll have more updates on that and hopefully even land an exclusive preview! With that and an animated series on the horizon, this project is setup for success!