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Rumor Mill: Channing Tatum Leaves Gambit


gambitThe much anticipated 20th Century Fox production, Gambit, an X-Men spin off , scheduled for release on October 7, 2016 has hit a major snag. It is being reported that the lead role of Gambit, the card flipping thief from comic book fame, will not be played by actor Channing Tatum. The rumor of his exiting the role will no doubt have the director, Rupert Wyatt scrambling to replace Tatum. Tatum had also listed as one of the films producers. It is still unknown if he will remain on the movie as a producer at this time.

The reasons behind Channing Tatum’s exit from the film are still unknown at this time. Tatum was also very involved with the production of the movie, having personally had a hand in hiring the films director, Rupert Wyatt. There are some speculations circulating that perhaps 20th Century Fox’s changing it’s vision of what they wanted the movie to be like was what made Tatum leave.

Production, according to another source, The Wrap, reported that Tatum “Has larger ambitions, which may play a role in his departure.” Gambit will be one of three X-Men releases in 2016. Deadpool, is slated for a release date of February 15, 2016, and X-Men: Apocalypse, is scheduled for release in theaters on May 27, 2016.

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