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Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley Heading To Amazing Spider-man


Marvel’s “Fresh Start” begins in the merry month of May.  It is a month that will see many milestones and many volumes concluding. C.B. Cebulski has promised much shake-up and much “back to basics” with this latest marketing campaign.  We’ve learned about Donny Cates writing Venom, the Cosmic Ghost Rider getting a solo series, a new “immortal” Bruce Banner Hulk returning by way of writer Al Ewing as well as a six issue mini-series of Ant-Man and the Wasp by the creative team of Mark Waid and Javier Garron. The new Exiles run will introduce a version of Peggy Carter that, in her universe, is the one and only Captain America.  Ta-Nehisi Coates and Leinil Yu will be kicking off a new volume of Captain America on July 4th. Then, of course, there is Dan Slott leaving Amazing Spider-man and heading over to the Iron Man bullpen to pick up writing duties from the recently departed Brian Michael Bendis.

But, despite all of that news, one question still lingered in my mind. The first issue of the new volume hits comic book shelves on July 11th, so who will be taking over Amazing Spider-man ?  The promotional image for “Fresh Start” features Spider-man, the iconic web slinger, front and center.  Spider-man has long been a flagship title for the publisher.

Finally, Marvel Comics has announced the new creative team for this premier title: Nick Spencer (writer) and Ryan Ottley (art). They will be joined by Cliff Rathburn on inking and Laura Martin finalizing the imagery with her coloring.

The teaser for the new title reads as such;

“An alien invasion attacks New York City and the only one who can stop it is…Spider-Man?! But that’s far from all you’ll find here—a revelation from the past puts Peter Parker’s job, relationships, and whole life in jeopardy! And if even that’s not enough, you’ll see a new roommate, new love interests, and a new villain!”

In the press release, Ryan Ottley commented on this new project, fresh on the heels of the recently wrapped “Invincible”; “Honestly, it’s not too much different. I’m very used to drawing people in tights and doing my best to make it look badass”  In response to whether or not he has had to make quick adjustment quickly from Invincible to Spider-man he says; “No, I think my process fits this new gig perfectly, just jumping in head first and trying to bring these characters to life is the only way I know how do it.”

This sounds like a great creative team. Ryan’s art style lends itself perfectly to a fluid, dynamic superhero like Spider-man! I, for one, and very excited to try out this new book by Spencer and Ottley.


Image courtesy of: Marvel Comics, 2018

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