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Sakura-con 2013 Saturday Cosplay

Young Justice

As a teenager, I hated Easter weekend.

It meant that while my hyper-religious family spent three days honoring Jesus’ resurrection, my friends were at Anime Boston. They would come home on Sunday for Easter with their families, but that wasn’t good enough for my parents and so, during the height of my anime obsession, I was never allowed to attend an anime convention (at the time, the next closest was Otakon in Baltimore).

Now there are lots of conventions all over the place on non-holiday weekends, but Easter weekend still proves pretty popular. Here in Seattle, we had two conventions going on: Sakura-con and NorWestCon and despite living here for over three years, I’ve yet to actually go to either of them.

Saturday, I didn’t really attend Sakura-con, I mostly brushed through it quickly. I was there for a few hours admiring all the incredible costumes – some of the best part of anime conventions, I think, because the characters they’re representing always have such loud accoutrements, be it huge headdresses or insanely wide skirts… it’s almost more of a marvel than at comic book conventions, where the costumes are often sleek and refined for movement more than visibility (though that of course doesn’t apply to everything).

Anyway, here are some shots I took! I identified what I could, but I confess I don’t have as much knowledge as I’d hoped…


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The amount of time, patience, and dedication put into these costumes still amazes me. Great article!

I'm slightly surprised that someone went as Chii from Chobits. That's not a recent reference so it's nice to know that a classic anime like Chobits still has some fans out there!

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