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Sane6 #1 Review and Kickstarter Preview

Sane6 Banner

Writer, Artist, Letterer Rob Cannon
For Evoluzione Publishing

I’ve already reviewed Sane6 once but at the request of both Rob Cannon and Marcel Dupree I’m revisiting this book. The rereading of Sane6 has brought up a fairly important topic in comics, the re-readability of comics. Upon the second go of Sane6 I found that I have all the same feelings for the writing and the second pass; the art and story are gritty, the story is in your face, and the characters and the dialog are gripping. After the second pass I found myself getting a strong Reservoir Dogs feel. The character dialog in the beginning is reminiscent of the diner scene, the dialog is especially telling and done so well I found myself admiring Cannon’s writing all over again. The story of Sane6 is a complex crime story with a large cast of criminals and all of them are expecting to get rich from a job their recruited for. Throughout the story the character development excels from an already quick start as a few of the criminal contractors are actually playing out a diner scene themselves. The dialog is witty and snappy, it keeps the pace moving quickly and it makes the read fly by, before I knew it I was halfway through the book and feverishly turning pages to see where it was going.

Cannon’s art is so good, it makes me wonder how someone can put so much detail into character actions and movements. The first page is a ten panel set up of not only the scene in the diner but the first few characters. The panel flow is so well thought out, Cannon sprinkles in a little bit about the scene with establishing shots of the diner and waitress, but what I really enjoy is the range of emotions the characters show. In one three panel sequence we see a main character named Mitch go through three distinctive facial expressions that showcase Cannon’s ability to show emotion through characters. The panels are just part of a larger picture he is portraying on the entire page but the range of style and extensive ability to tell a story through the visual while also making the dialog a page turner is the reason why I jumped at rereading this comic and giving it a second pass for review. Cannon is an incredible artist and the fact that he did this book by himself, from start to finish, is noteworthy. He conquers the art and story while choosing the perfect lettering to go with his art.

Sane6 is something Cannon should be immensely proud of and the fact that he brought this to Evoluzione shows he is invested in his own creation and is willing to seek out help in publishing to see it reach a larger audience. If Sane6 sounds interesting to you then you can check them out on Kickstarter right now!

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