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Sane6 Kickstarter Preview

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I make no excuse for being a Kickstarter troll, scrolling past project after project, as I judge the projects worthy of my own personal liking.  I know it’s a little bit arrogant and a touch rude but in the end I’m the consumer of these ideas people are trying to bring to life.  I need to know that I like the idea and I have to weigh it against every other project vying for my money, and on top of all that I’m poor so whatever project I back has to have some pretty good rewards.  Sometimes I pick projects for obvious reasons; great art, well known artists/writers, great backers rewards, but sometimes I pick projects for the actual content beyond who made it.  So enters Sane6.

Sane6 1

I can say for a serious fact that the first three sentences of the synopsis are what had me hooked.

Two criminal contractors, thriving under the waning effectiveness of government leadership, stumble into the highest paying job of their careers. Along with a number of other specialists, they are tasked with hijacking a series of shipping trucks. The cargo is unknown and the client is secretive but the promise of a big payday is all they need to know.

I happen to really enjoy mystery, thriller, suspense, and action type books, and this three sentence synopsis makes me feel like I’m in for a ride with this story.  I don’t know the writer or artist but this idea of criminal contractors getting themselves into trouble over money and unknown cargo just strikes a cord with me.  The rung a bell in my head and now it can’t be un-rung.  I want to know everything about these guys and what got them into this situation, I want to follow Sane6’s creators on this adventure.  The synopsis has done it’s job with me.  I’m officially on board.

Sane6 2

It wasn’t just the synopsis or the idea that got me going either, there are many layers to this project and stellar art is just the next step.  The first thing on the kickstarter page is a small video that really shows off the art and takes the viewer step by step, from concept art to finished idea.  The video and the process makes me feel more in tune with the project and the creative process and makes me feel like pledging because I get a bigger picture of where my money goes and what is coming out of it.  I really like the video and feel that it adds a little something and showcases the artists abilities.

Final thing is, of course, the rewards.  Everyone wants awesome rewards and to get the biggest bang for their money but how I judge rewards are from the first to the last and Sane6 covers the spectrum.  For a dollar they will give you a personal email thanks or if you’re flush with cash you can give up to two hundred dollars and get a huge package of stuff that includes exclusive art and copies of everything Sane6.  What I like about the dollar pledge that gradually makes its way to the big pledge is that it shows the team is not only good with the fact that some people don’t have a lot of cash they embrace it.  Any creator crew that is willing to take a dollar for help shows true commitment and an understanding of the struggle of others.  There have been plenty of times I have wanted to pledge but couldn’t even muster up ten dollars and with the idea of a dollar pledge for a thank you just feels genuine to me.

Sane6 3

Here is a link to the Kickstarter and the Sane6 Facebook page so you can check them both out and decide for yourself if Sane6 is something you want to be a part of.

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