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Sane6 Review


Writing, Art, Lettering, Created by Rob Cannon
Editor in Chief Kevin Parent
For Rats & Crows Publishing

Sane6 2

There are some indie books out there that simply personify the indie comic world; originality in story and art, successful crowd funding, and indie comic fan following. Sane6 has all of the above. Having watched this project grow first hand I can say with a high level of certainty that thriller fans who enjoy great stories and original art will be more than happy with Sane6. The art and story are gritty, real, and in your face. The story is gripping and enthralling with real characters and smart dialog that grips the reader and places them into the world of outlaws out to make money above all else.

The story is about twelve contractors that take a big job in hopes of making a big score but like most thrillers things don’t exactly work out as planned. As I said the dialog and character development is smart and some of the characters banter is so full of sarcasm and quick wit it puts a smile on my face when reading. It’s not every day I read something with superior art and writing but when I do I have to share with as many people as possible.

Sane6 3

The art is unique in a good way because it has its own style while making the people and backgrounds different. The facial features in characters are matched with their moods to the point where I almost rely on the art to tell me if the characters are being sarcastic or angry. Cannon’s world is extensive in look and Cannon uses different color palettes to emphasize the feel of the moment, using dark themes when bad things are happening and using more light tones for story progression. Overall I feel the choices of color and the way the art tells the story I can’t think of mainstream book that it compares to but believe me when I say that is a compliment.

Sane6 can be found on the Rats and Crows Publishing website and Both Rob Cannon and Kevin Parent can be found on various social media sites.  Rob Cannon on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr; Kevin Parent on Facebook and Twitter.

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