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Scattershot News – Week of 03/22/2021


Welcome to the next installment of my new column, Scattershot News. This is really just a whole bunch of news and commentary shoved at you faster that you can dodge in that classic Matrix-style. What a way to start things off than with a cool segue, right in to some Kea-news?

Keanu Reeves has become a big part of the comic book world, releasing his first comic book three weeks ago, BRZRKR. This book came out from BOOM! Studios and was immediately given the VIP treatment of 400,000,000 different covers for the first issue along with foil, bedazzled, autographed, personally licked, and one even bound in human skin. Not really, but there were a lot of covers and foily ones, at that. True to the action genre that he has lately become the poster child for, BRZRKR is all about action and bullets and knives and blood and stuff. Naturally, this book, which just released its first issue 3 weeks ago today, is already picked up by Netflix for a movie and an anime series. Cool stuff. I love Keanu. EVERYONE LOVES KEANU. Our friends over at Movieweb have more about this here.


In DC Comics news, the Remington Steele series reboot will have to be put on hold as Pierce Brosnan has been cast as Doctor Fate in the upcoming Black Adam film opposite Dwayne Johnson. There have been multiple incarnations of the good Doctor, all of whom were really just being controlled by the magic helmet holding the spirit of Naboo, the planet homeworld of the Gungan in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. Not really, actually, the spirit of Nabu the Wise, one of the Lords of Order. Brosnan will be playing Kent Nelson, one of the earlier possessors of Fate’s power and a founding member of the Justice Society of America.

In similar movie themed news, Helen Mirren has been cast as Hespera, the demi-god who will play the villain in Shazam 2: Lightning Strikes Twice. Or, maybe it was Shazam 2: Electric Boogaloo. Anywho, it will be a fun movie and one that DC and Warner should really consider their best one so far. The Joker would agree that all the other movies are far too serious.

Final DC snippet, Superman may be taking on a new position as the head of The Authority, a team of superheroes created by Warren Ellis nad Bryan Hitch and originally part of Stormwatch in the Image and Wildstorm universes. This new series looks to be written by Grant Morrison, so could be a very interesting new direction for the man of steel, currently coming out of DC’s Infinite Frontier and heading for some other big changes in the future. I mean what more can you want? He already got married, had a kid, and revealed his identity to the world.

One last thing, be sure to jump over to the link to check out the full listing of all revealed Free Comic Book Day books this year. A little later than usual (due to some kind of virus or something?), this year’s FCBD is scheduled for August 4, 2021, instead of the usual May date.

Thanks for being here. Hope I didn’t hurt you with the new projectile vomiting. Tune in next week, or the week after, for some more news, wit, and wisdom, or whatever it is that you call the stuff that I write. Drivel?

Stay Comic Booked, San Diego.

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