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Scattershot News: Week of something in May 2021


Time for another Scattershot News where I throw things at your head and hope they stick in that soft mushy brain you have. At least, I have to assume you have one since you are here to read something that would cause Joe Biden to stutter and start in about Corn Pop eventually ending his rambling story by inappropriately touching someone before the Secret Service swoop into drag him out of the public eye. Yeah. That could never happen, right? I mean, he is the president and obviously has all his mental faculties. Sure…

Anyway, comics are cool. Movies are cool! Media is a distraction from the real world and all the manipulations perpetrated by the media! But, look, shiny naked things!

Don’t forget to tune in for my hot tub livestream this week. Well… actually, I don’t have a hot tub, so it would just be me in the tub. Oh, except I don’t have a tub, just a shower. And, I am not sure that we are really at that point in our writer/reader relationship to where I would ask you to join me in the shower. I mean, who am I? Andrew Cuomo?

WHATEVER! Fine, no livestream. Geez. Still, I will sell my bathwater, if anyone is interested. 😛

On to the many fun news items from the last couple of weeks. First off, does anyone use the Madefire app to read comics? You remember the comics app founded in 2011 and funded by investors like Drake and Kevin Spacey. Yeah, no wonder they are filing for bankruptcy. So, if you don’t use them, I would say, don’t sign up anytime soon. Check out more at their website.

Did you read Sweet Tooth by Jeff Lemire from CD/Vertigo? I know it has some kid with deer antlers, but it was never on my list of must reads. Well, now you can just watch it on Netflix when it releases, and the newest teaser trailer has just dropped.

How about some cool casting news? Susan Sarandon and Stephen Lang have been cast for the upcoming Marvel’ Wastlanders series that will focus on the “Old Man” characters of Logan and Hawkeye. They will be playing “old” Black Widow and Hawkeye. Could be a cool series that kicks off with Old Man Star-Lord.

On the DC show horizon, the Green Lantern series coming from HBO has their star. Finn Wittrock, who played the psycho inbred rich kid in Season 4 of American Horror Story, has signed on to play Guy Gardner. This could be very interesting as the kid has some skill as an actor. We shall see.

In comic book news, Frank Miller’s iconic Sin City gets the 30th anniversary treatment as a special edition will be published by Dark Horse Comics in the fall to include a new pinup gallery book and slipcase for the collected edition.

Some sad comic news as we say goodbye to John Paul Leon who passed away on May 1. He was well known for his work on the DC/Milestone title Static and on the work he did on the Earth X series for Marvel.

The new trailer dropped for the upcoming Venom sequel, Venom: Let there be Carnage. Woody Harrelson was just a great choice for Cletus Cassidy.

So, is your head bursting with knowledge? Can you just not even? Ok, one more thing.

I have it from a very reliable source that what I am about to tell you is the true and accurate future of both the DC and Marvel Universe in both comic book and movie/TV formats. Seriously. Like, I am not even joking.

In the next three years, we could see movie starring comic book heroes and villains. We could also see new characters designed purely for the movies and series. In the comic books, we will see new stories created, old stories rehashed, reboots, revisions, and even rip-offs. These companies will attempt to do new things, which will not make money, so they will just go back to the same old crap we have seen from them since the 1960s and before.

Take all these words as true. I would bet money.

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