Scorpio 1 – 2 Kickstarter Preview

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Real world influence and inspiration is serious business in the creative game and a lot of writers pull from spirituality based beliefs. Scorpio is a prime example of inspiration being pulled from the zodiac and in writer John Robinson IV own words,

“The series revolves around 12 relics that grant abilities based on the Zodiac and a cast of diverse characters that use these abilities as the heralds of their signs.”

I love the quick elevator pitch and I’ve always been interested in the zodiac. I find things like the zodiac interesting as is so adding extra mysticism only makes the idea better. Also it helps that I’m a scorpio, just saying. Of course the interest continues as Robinson teases other signs and their role in book,

“Dark beings have been patiently lying in the shadows, and it may take the intervention of the Herald of Libra to balance the scales”

I’m over the moon about the Kickstarter and Robinson’s ability to convey the basics of the series in a few short paragraphs. The idea is original and use of the zodiac almost acts as a character itself.

Most campaigns I see struggle to find rewards; of course the book should come in print and digital, but what about after the book? Scorpio has a ton of swag; T-Shirts, hoodies, drawstring bags, and even sweat pants. The swag is deep and the reward tiers have a little something for everyone, even an opportunity to be in the third issue. I’m always a sucker for the catchup rewards but one day I hope to be able to be cannon fodder during a huge fight or a small cameo as a guy that gets hit by a car or something. Being a part of someone’s project is a huge deal and the fact that people are willing to use it as a tier shows how much they are invested in their property and the success of the Kickstarter.

Scorpio has roughly twenty days left on the Kickstarter and you can check out some social media pages like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to keep up on all things Scorpio!

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