Scream 1.2 Review: “Hello, Emma”

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So the second episode of the new Scream TV series has come and gone, and it did a pretty great job of moving the plot right along.  We got our very own updated version of Gale Weathers in the form of Amelia Rose Blaire’s Piper Shay.  We have a little bit more drama from the mysterious-yet-creepy teacher and the slutty-yet-likable student.  The prime suspect solidifies his BFFship with his lady friend and gets lucky with what is looking to be his, well, actual ladyfriend.  Sucks that he’s probably the killer… or at the very least, one of them.  Or, there’s the other theory.  But more on that later.

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Seeing the adults try to navigate through this nightmare is something that I’m going to want to see a lot more of as the series goes on, but it is good to see the teenagers actually acting like kids, being catty and gossipy and generally terrible to one another, but also still managing to navigate the social ladder of high school with each other along the way.  The “killer from the past” needs a little bit more depth, but now that he (or she, or them) have taken out another victim and have ramped up the disturbing phone calls, it’s only a matter of time before our main character (which the writers really want us to think is Emma) is forced to confront her mom.  And her dad.  Who I’m guessing is going to play a significant role down the line.

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Which gets me back to my original theory (excluding the one where Noah’s the killer).  If Noah’s not the killer, is he the main character?  Think about it.  He’s the most interesting person on the show, he’s the narrator, and the actor’s doing a significantly better job than the rest of his cast mates.  Maybe that’s writing.  Maybe they’re being clever.  But if he’s the main character (and not the killer), who is?  My new guess is the guy who “died” in the first episode.  That head looked fake.  Maybe it was bad special effects, or maybe it was just high school kids doing bad special effects for a “movie” of their own?  What are your thoughts?  See you next week.

My Review: 4/5

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