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Scream 1.4 Review: “Aftermath”

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Well, after still reeling (along with the rest of the cast) from last week’s death, this episode seems to be a bit of a “filler,” getting us from point A to point B.  There are no jumps or scares in this episode, but it is far from bad.  After all, just because we aren’t terrified doesn’t mean we aren’t still creeped out.  The suspect pool continues to grow and both Brooke and Noah continue to be the most likable characters (Brooke because she’s believable, not so much actually likable and Noah because he’s really the only male who doesn’t suck).  Plus: the three least likely cast members team up!

Scream Tyler Head

Then we’ve got some more clues and a confrontation between the high school kids and the sheriff on being worthless and the internet video that accidentally gets uploaded and goes immediately viral of…  wait for it…  another sexy moment.  Really?  I’m calling lame on this one.  At least the “Tyler is the killer” theory is finally put to rest and the continuation of the second subplot (other than the Brandon James one, which is obviously far from over) involving the two guys (who, seriously, have to be gay) blackmailing the entire town is definitely something to spark some interest.  But really, though.  Another sex tape?  Sigh.  Figure it out, guys.  Let’s get some more bloodshed to recapture the first and third episodes.

My Rating: 3/5

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