Scream 1.5 Review: “Exposed”

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What an episode!  The two least likable characters (Will and super-douche Jake) are blackmailing Brooke’s dad, who appears to have killed someone (maybe Brooke’s mom).  The new sheriff isn’t the sheriff anymore because his ex-girlfriend (and old drinking buddy) came in and took over the case.  Audrey, Emma, and Noah continue to be the main characters and start to actually act like friends, just in time for Brooke to drop the bomb that Will and Emma’s entire relationship is based upon a lie, concocted by the first victim.  Oh, yeah, and Kieran is creepy, Mr. Branson is apparently even more molestery than we were all originally led to believe, and Piper’s got a mysterious (and convenient) past of her own that may or may not be tied to the current and past cases intertwining throughout the show.

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So let’s talk first and foremost about the blackmailing.  It’s an interesting plot, but needs to be explored more.  I am really enjoying that everyone is a suspect (still), but it’s getting to the point where someone else needs to die.  Like, within an episode.  I’m not bored per se, but it’s starting to drag a bit.  I want more answers, but I enjoy the pacing so far.  Every other episode seems to be an overload of information and character development, with the true scares coming when the killer (who really could just be Brandon James or Emma’s dad) rears his ugly face.  What will happen next?  And more importantly, who will die next?

My Rating: 3/5

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