Screen Junkies Interview Russo Brothers

Screen Junkies, a fan group known for brutally accurate movie reviews dubbed ‘Honest Trailers’ were given a green light by the Russo Brothers to spend almost an hour interviewing them live at Wizard World New Orleans. Kudos to the Russo bros, directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, as they bravely entered the stage area with lowered barriers and honest answers for the Screen Junkies triad’s ruthless questions.

Never entered the realm of Honest Trailers? Take a peek at the Screen Junkies review of Captain America: The Winter Soldier, your appreciation level of their self-touted ‘shameless’ reviews will be raised, shocked or completely horrified at the rarely seen honest assessment of today’s cinematic productions. Actually, their professional assessment of Cap was powered down and less ruthless than many other videos in their coffers. This kindler, gentler side of SJ was due to the detailed attention of the screenwriters and directors. (It was clearly stated the Russo team didn’t want to get shredded by SJ and made sure their ducks were in a row, things were all in one sock, script was on the up and up with every plot cutting the mustard).

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Anthony and Joe Russo were charming, funny, direct and effortlessly geeky while showing their family and friend loyalty, keen desire to ensure character accuracy and total stage cuteness. Fans got super involved, some asked general questions while others were VERY focused on getting answers.

Questions centered around general movie making tactics, directing decisions and spoiler interrogations. Anthony and Joe kept a lid on the juice, agreeing with and confirming already known comic story lines which were of no surprise to anyone. The crowded room was disappointed when no new details were pinpointed (most fans in the room knew the storyline and rumors out there), but thrills of being in the same room as Screen Junkies the directors of Captain America: The Winter Soldier seemed enough for them.

Disappointed groans blurted out when the guys said they needed to leave, accompanied by loud applause ending the session. A flashmob mass exodus followed, perhaps in hopes to somehow see, meet or hallway talk to the directors in person. Yah, right… those guys were totally onto everyone and schooched out behind the scenes, escaping the barrage of fandom love waiting for them.

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Thank you Screen Junkies and the Russo duo for an opportunity to get sneak peeks of behind the scenes intel and witness the wit and genius ‘quippage’ of everyone on stage.

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