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SDCC 2016 Cosplay Gallery Part 1

SDCC 2016 cover1

Amazing, incredible and fantastic doesn’t begin to describe the experience of attending SDCC nor the sheer amount of cosplay to view, fan over and covet. Hundreds of galleries have gone up since the event on 21-24 July, 2016 with fresh, re-worked and original cosplays snapped, shot and clicked.

Hall H and the Costume Masquerade were close favorites to the attendee cosplay. Hall H wait lines proved worthwhile if selected for exciting previews, panels, discussions, star gazing and special surprise movie viewing. Outside events were not always requiring a SDCC pass, so those not lucky enough to get one in the lottery waiting room could come and still feel a small part of the event.

Trying to lobby con? No such luck this year, guys and gals! To even enter the lobby you needed a pass, so ‘lobby conners’ were more like ‘sidewalk conners’ dripping body paint in 90+ heat.

Start planning for next year, it’s gonna be 20-23 July, 2017 and bigger, better and more boss than ever!

This first group of shots document a photographers walk through the con with fresh eyes, high school squeals and eagerness to soak it all in, not miss a beat in order to hunt down the unique costumes to share with you!

SDCC 2016 cover09

SDCC 2016 cover10

SDCC 2016 cover11

SDCC 2016 cover12

SDCC 2016 cover13

SDCC 2016 cover14

SDCC 2016 cover15

SDCC 2016 cover16

SDCC 2016 cover17

SDCC 2016 cover18

SDCC 2016 cover19

SDCC 2016 cover01

SDCC 2016 cover02

SDCC 2016 cover03

SDCC 2016 cover04

SDCC 2016 cover05

SDCC 2016 cover06

SDCC 2016 cover07

SDCC 2016 cover08

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