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SDCC Exclusive: Schleich DC Comics Product Line


San Diego Comic Con, or SDCC as everyone in the biz calls it (you know, the biz), is well known as the main event when it comes to the Convention Season. This is the first opportunity for many of the companies to showcase their new stuff and really wow the crowds with amazing new content, comics, collectibles, and something else that begins with “C”… COOL SWAG! This year is no exception and it has already started.

The first cool thing I have seen this con season is from Schleich, the makers of amazingly detailed figurines. My kids have horses and dragons and a bunch of tiny animals. I got this in the mail today.

SDCCThis is the first figure in a planned line of DC Comics characters to be released in January 2015. The whole line will be revealed on July 27, from 11 am to 3 pm at a special Schleich presentation. Also, if you want to get your hands on one of the 999 Jokers that are still left (since I have one) you can visit the Toys “R” Us Entertainment Earth Booth #2343 or you can check out’s Comic-Con Geek Boutique. The Exclusive Joker figures will be available from July 24-27 at SDCC. All this to celebrate the Bat turning 75 years old tomorrow.

Stay tuned to Comic Booked for any other SDCC news as it breaks. You can check many other amazing figures on Schleich’s website, and hopefully they will have more information after the announcement in case you will not be attending the convention this year. I will definitely want a set of these figures when January rolls around. Also, click here for any other information you may need about SDCC.

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